Amazon Customers Say This Treatment Is the Key to Beautiful Nails

People are crediting Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream for saving their "paper thin" nails.

If you've been blessed with strong nails that grow like weeds, consider yourself lucky, because it takes a little effort for everyone else to get the same results. Nail-strengthening treatments are a great place to start, and there are plenty of options that promise indestructible nails. But as far as which products are actually worth your time? Look no further than the best-selling nail strengthener on Amazon: Onyx Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream (Buy It, $8,

Hard as hoof, you say? No, this isn't a product for horses, although there are several other nail treatments on Amazon that play off of the whole "hoof" theme. (yes, they're all actually for humans). They're often advertised as treatments originally intended to be used on horses' hooves that horse trainers started using on themselves. But nothing comes close to touching Onyx Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream's 40,000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

Onyx Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream has plenty going for it: It's a coconut oil–based product, so it provides a nicely scented pick-me-up any time you're treating your nails. Additional emollients, vitamins, and minerals round out its ingredient list. Some highlights: urea, which aids skin barrier function, preventing moisture loss, as well as jojoba oil and vitamin E, which both moisturize the skin. Applying moisturizers on and around your nails is key to preventing brittleness.

Onyx claims the stuff "prevents splits, chips, peels & cracks on even the most severe cases," and judging by Amazon reviews, that's actually the case. Customers have been crediting the nail-strengthening cream for working wonders on their wrecked nails, posting before-and-after photos as evidence. One reviewer says their nails were "thin as paper and splitting" before they discovered Hard As Hoof. "Tried this product and within 7 days my nails were looking and feeling great and my cuticles are healthy and soft," they wrote.

product photo of Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

Multiple reviewers have written that the nail-strengthening cream has made the tips of their nails appear whiter, too. "THIS STUFF WORKS! It works really well too," one person wrote. "My nails grow really long in a few weeks and I get to decide when to cut them off. Women ask me about them all the time...How do you get such white nail tips?....well it's because of this. Natural French tips," they raved.

Once again, the Amazon best-sellers charts have brought a somewhat obscure beauty product to the well-deserved limelight. If you're looking for the best solution for weak nails, you might as well start with the biggest crowd-pleaser.

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