These TikTok-Approved Curling Ribbons Will Make You Want to Breakup With Your Hot Tools

You can achieve bouncy, beautiful curls and have healthy hair too — all for as little as $9.

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If you've ever tried to score sleek, bouncy curls at home only to end up sweating profusely (thanks @ blow dryer and/or curling iron) with a tangled mess of strands, then you likely know that heat styling can be a, well, b*tch. In addition to leaving you with crimped locks that even Lizzie McGuire wouldn't approve of and an upper lip packed with perspiration, DIY-ing salon-worthy strands can also take a ton of time and patience — both of which can (understandably) be hard to come by these days.

Sound familiar? Then you might be ready to wave the white flag. But don't give up just yet, as TikTok's got you covered. Yes, you read that right: The same platform that brought you downright ridiculous trends such as drawing on under-eye circles is also the home to a genius heatless hair hack that allows you to achieve voluminous curls overnight. All you need to do is wrap your strands around a curling hair ribbon — no steamy, electric gadgets or multiple hours required.

A curling ribbon is essentially a silk-covered foam rod that you wrap your damp hair around and then wear to sleep (supposedly it's soft enough to comfortably catch those Z's). Its main appeal, however, is its ability to deliver bouncy, beautiful curls without frying your hair with heat. ICYDK, turning up the temp on your curling iron to, say, 450° F can burn your hair's cuticle and cause damage. Over time and with regular heat styling, your locks can start to suffer from breakage, frizz, and dullness. (

As shown in the millions of TikTok videos tagged with #curlingribbon, the hair-friendly tool is pretty easy to use. First, place the flexirod over the top of your head in a U-shape, almost as if you're putting on a headband, and then secure it with a claw clip (which comes with many of the products online — but more on this later). Then, section out your damp hair, wrapping pieces around the curling ribbon and away from your face; add more sections as you go. Once all of your hair is completely wrapped, tie the scrunchies at the ends of the rods to ensure your strands stay put.

If you're short on time, the curls will set in three hours. However, the majority of the curling ribbon content on social media shows users sleeping with them overnight for the best results. In the morning (or after your designated amount of time), you'll undo the scrunchies and clip, pull the rod up and out, and, bam, salon-quality curls.

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Ailevant Heatless Hair Curlers


And while the curling hair ribbons that started the viral sensation are a bit on the pricier end, Amazon's full of more affordable options that work just as well. Take, for example, the Ailevant Heatless Hair Curlers (Buy It, $9, this budget-friendly buy features a flexirod curling ribbon, a hair clip to hold it in place, and two scrunchies to secure your hair around it. Meanwhile, other products such as the Weispo Heatless Curling Rod Headband (Buy It, $17 $13, don't come with a claw clip — and, according to reviewers, it doesn't really impact your results. That being said, you can always just use a clip of your own. (

Now, this curling ribbon hack isn't the only heatless styling trend on the 'Tok (i.e. #sockcurls). But wrapping your hair around the cotton materials can cause major frizz due to the friction of your strands rubbing against the material. The curling ribbon, however, is covered with a silky smooth fabric that allows your hair to move seamlessly as you toss and turn in your sleep.

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Weispo Heatless Curling Rod Headband


Arguably the best part of the curling ribbon is that you can customize the look of your curls. Depending on how tightly you wrap your hair or whether your locks are damp or dry, you'll achieve different results. For tighter coils, be sure to tightly wrap slightly wet hair around the rod. Whereas for beachy, lived-in waves, loosely wrap dry hair around the ribbon.

All in all, the curling hair ribbon is a damage-free way to achieve beautiful curls — without spending too much on a barrage of heat tools or on an in-salon blowout. TBH, this is a TikTok trend that might actually be worth keeping in your arsenal of beauty tricks. (And the same is true for those viral hydrocolloid bandaids as an acne treatment.)

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