These Moisturizing Lipsticks Are the Fall Purchase One Shape Editor Can't Live Without

See you never, tinted lip balm.

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When it comes to makeup, I've always subscribed to the idea of quality over quantity — just using it to highlight any natural beauty vs. going full glam. I've never been able to master the cat eye and I've stumbled my way through false eyelashes for weddings (only to lose them before the cake has been cut). Gliding on a good lipstick is not only a beauty application I can do, but also something I feel great doing.

Thanks to genetics (shoutout to Mom and Dad!), I've always had naturally full lips and am lucky that all I need to feel ready for the office or a night out is a swipe or two of a bold shade. I love wearing lipstick because it's a statement that doesn't require a ton of finesse (which is extra clutch when you're WFH and need to be ready for a camera-on meeting last-minute). Plus, since the shelf life of lipstick is a year — after 12 months you risk microbes paying rent on it, which could lead to infection, says Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology Yale School of Medicine — I don't feel guilty investing in a higher-quality option.

The two tubes I've been using on repeat recently are, granted, on the pricier side, but they're *so* worth the splurge: Hermès Rose Pommette Rouge Satin Lipstick (Buy It, $72, and Hermès Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rose Nuit (Buy It $72,, both from the brand's Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

OK, let's talk color. The Rose Pommette Satin Lipstick is a vibrant pink with warm undertones. The creamy, velvety pigment offers long-lasting color and I rarely have to reapply. I've worn it casually with florals and with a satin black jumpsuit to add a pop of color. On the other hand, if you prefer an earthier hue, try the Rose Nuit Matte Lipstick, which is more of a deep, muted pink — perfect for everyday wear. The shade is just a bit darker than my natural lip color, making it a nude I can use all year long. (

I have to admit, this was my first time trying the brand's luxury lip products, and I actually feel a difference in my lips compared to my usual stains, glosses, and sticks. What sets these lippies apart from the rest is how silky my lips feel just after one use. Hermès lipsticks are formulated with white mulberry extract, which, aside from being majorly hydrating, has powerful antioxidant benefits to help keep the skin radiant by combatting free radicals, says Dr. Gohara.

Also nice: the matte option contains squalane, a great emollient for softening skin and sealing in moisture — a huge plus since matte formulas can famously dry out your lips. Between the crisp fall air and frequent mask-wearing, it's a good decision to choose multitasking formulas that not only look pretty but also moisturize — that way you're adding to your overall skin health, recommends Dr. Gohara. (

Another thing I love about these lipsticks is the gorgeous packaging — a literal work of art designed by French fashion designer Pierre Hardy — which I can leave out on my dresser or bathroom sink without looking like a slob. And if you appreciate sustainability, then you'll be happy to hear that the metal tube is refillable, so after your lipstick is gone (or expires), you can replace the the product inside the bullet casing with the same color or another Hermès hue.

On top of a product that moisturizes and cuts down makeup product waste (hooray!), you're left with long-lasting color that's sure to endure caffeine pitstops, a marathon of Zoom meetings, and whatever else your agenda throws at you. Take my word for it, and add these babies to your shopping cart, stat.

Buy It (from left): Hermès Rose Pommette Rouge Satin Lipstick, $72,; Hermès Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rose Nuit, $72,

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