Makeup artists spill on how to get a sophisticated shine.

By By Genevieve Monsma
December 07, 2017
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The holiday party season is the best time to make a statement with bold makeup trends you've shied away from the rest of the year. Whether you want to shine, shimmer, or glitter (or all three!) go all-out for with these makeup, nail, and hair tricks from the pros. (Then complete the look with a celebrity-inspired hairstyle.)


Photo: Claire Benoist

For polish and radiance, go for glossy finishes, which reflect the light.

Make your lips pop. To help glossy lips stand out, Jessica Hill, a makeup artist at Blushington in New York City, recommends sporting velvet-matte foundation on the rest of your face. Her pick: Jouer Matte Moisture Tint ($36;

Light up your lids. "I love applying a touch of translucent lip gloss over eye shadow for a holiday look," says Derek Selby, a makeup artist and a global ambassador for Cover Fx. "Parties are often candlelit, so the gloss reflects the flickering light and makes your eyes dazzle." (Here's a tutorial for a glossy eyelid look.)

Get tips that twinkle. Top a metallic nail lacquer with a superglossy topcoat, and you'll score a shiny, chrome-like finish, says Jin Soon Choi, the creator of the eponymous nail lacquer line. She likes Jinsoon Nifty Lacquer ($42 for a set of 3), a metallic dusty silver, topped with Jinsoon Top Gloss ($18;

Accessorize your hair. Tommy Buckett, a celebrity stylist and a consultant for Garnier hair care, has used vintage brooches to adorn buns-and once even "braided cocktail rings into a fishtail." Inspired.


Photo: Claire Benoist

Add some opalescence to create a sheen that's a tad more high-beam than gloss.

Highlight right. "Choose a highlighter shade that enhances your skin tone," says Selby, who prefers silver or champagne for fairer skin and bronze, gold, or copper for medium to dark complexions. Then apply strategically: "I like to tap highlighter onto the tops of cheekbones, the temples, and the eyelids for what I call the surprise effect-you catch a glimpse of glimmer when you blink." (To reach max. glow potential, follow this 4-step strobing makeup tutorial.) Selby also suggests dotting highlighting cream under and over the brow to create the illusion of lift, the inner corners of the eyes to wake them up, and the center of the lips to give some fullness. One to try: Algenist Reveal Concentrated Luminizing Drops ($38;

Bedeck your body. "Mix a few drops of highlighting liquid into a generous squirt of body lotion, then apply anywhere skin will be visible, like your legs, shoulders, or décolletage," Selby says. Try Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops ($42;

DIY a bling ring. Paint eight fingertips with a pastel cream color, then paint just your ring fingers with a shimmery version of the same shade (think pale pink with a rose-gold accent).


Photo: Claire Benoist

Glitter is daring in terms of texture, but it's also dazzling.

Go mega with your mani. To put glittery nails in the spotlight, Choi suggests painting nails with an understated sheer neutral, then, while the lacquer is still tacky, sprinkling on loose glitter. Set with clear topcoat. Two neutrals to try: Jinsoon Tulle Nail Polish ($18; or Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle ($9; You may also try a glittery topcoat if loose glitter is a mess in your mind. Try Deborah Lippmann Can't Be Tamed ($20;, a honey-gold glitter, or Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish in A Cut Above ($9;, a pink diamond glitter.

Fire up your style. "Use glitter hairspray to set your style by misting your whole head lightly," celebrity stylist Rita Hazan says. "Or spray strategically, as you would on a ponytail, bangs, or the underside of the hair after creating an updo." Try IGK Pre Party Hair Strobing Glitter Spray ($16;

Draw on sparkle. "Add rock-star sizzle to your makeup with a glittery eyeliner," says Wende Zomnir, a cofounder and the chief creative officer of Urban Decay Cosmetics, who likes to apply the brand's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners ($20; to her top lash line, then a sparkle-free but complementary color to her bottom lashes.


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