Hilary Duff Swears By This Nourishing Ingredient for Dry Skin and Stretch Marks

These days she's been rubbing it on her "itchy" pregnant belly.

As she prepares to welcome her third child in early 2021, Hilary Duff is dishing about her pregnancy journey every step of the way. This week, she took to the 'Gram to talk about the changes her body's going through and how she takes care of her pregnant belly.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the Younger star said that even though she sometimes "misses" her pre-pregnancy body, she knows "this one is working hard and doing pretty cool things" for her family. "I'm super grateful and excited about that," she wrote alongside a mirror selfie showing her baby bump.

As she embraces these changes, Duff is also learning what works best to take care of her bump — specifically, the dry, itchy skin on her belly.

"This has been great as my belly gets itchy [in] this dry New York weather," Duff wrote alongside a photo of Sun Potion Skin Food Shea Butter (Buy It, $20, revolve.com).

ICYDK, itchy, dry skin during pregnancy is actually pretty common, due to a combo of an increase in blood supply to the skin and the stretching of the abdomen, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

But whether you're dealing with an itchy pregnant belly or parched winter skin (or both, like Duff), Sun Potion's 100 percent unrefined shea butter will deliver the hydration you need. Shea butter, an African plant-based fat, is a mainstay in many of your favorite skin-care products thanks to its ability to lock in moisture, while its natural antioxidants work as an anti-inflammatory to soothe dry, irritated skin. (

Sun Potion's Shea Butter boasts several five-star reviews from shoppers who say the stuff is "great for sensitive skin" and "the secret" to a "glowing" complexion head-to-toe. One reviewer even hailed it as the "best winter/after shower moisturizer" they've tried.

Sun Potion Shea Butter

Sun Potion Shea Butter
Sun Potion

Sun Potion's Shea Butter is currently pretty tough to find online, so if you're on the hunt for another Duff-approved solution to dry skin, look no further than Substance Belly Jelly (Buy It, $21, amazon.com).

Duff shouted out Belly Jelly in a 2017 interview with Byrdie, telling the outlet that she used the balm during her second pregnancy to help with stretch marks.

Similar to Duff's Sun Potion pick, Belly Jelly's formula features shea butter to help nourish the skin. But the balm is also packed with a blend of oils high in vitamin E (a strong antioxidant), as well as lavender (an anti-inflammatory with skin-healing properties) and oats (which can function as an effective, natural moisturizer for dry skin) to increase the skin's elasticity and provide hydration.

Amazon shoppers seem to love Belly Jelly as much as Duff, calling the balm the "best oil for pregnancy." But the product isn't just for pregnant people to enjoy. Some reviewers have found other uses for the balm. One shopper said they've been applying it to their father's inflamed skin after he suffered a stroke. "I was so impressed with the product, I use it on my mother as well," they wrote. "The product is great and the scent [is] very calming for my mom who suffers from dementia."

Substance Belly Jelly

Substance Belly Jelly

Need more ways to soothe scaly winter skin? Here are the best body lotions for dry skin.

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