For your friend who follows YouTube beauty vloggers religiously and considers Sephora her safe place.

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: February 23, 2017

You know that lady friend who's always rocking a bold lip, or telling you about cool new beauty trends-like these Instagram beauty hacks-that sound so out-there it must be made up? Well, these gifts are just for her. And they come straight from YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia (who knows a thing or two about the topic) so you can trust their cool factor. And luckily, they're alternative enough that it's likely she doesn't already have them in her stash! (See next: Stepanie's DIY beauty stocking stuffers and our other holiday guides for gift ideas for the yogi, class hopper, runner/spinner, and adventurer.)

1. BTArtbox Holographic Nail Foils

Cut small pieces and apply them to wet nail polish then seal with a top coat for next-level New Year's nails. ($9;

2. The Original Makeup Eraser

Simply add water and this reusable, super-soft cloth melts away all your makeup-including waterproof mascara. ($20;

3. Flirt Cosmetics Lash Applicator

A serious game-changer when it comes to applying falsies, this 'staple gun for eyelashes', dispenses 'lash buds' for a natural look that's super quick and easy to apply. ($28;

4. MAC Spellbinder Magnetic Eyeshadow

These limited-edition shadows are made of "ionized, magnetically charged pigments that cling to lids like velvet." They also come in eight metallic shades so they're about as cool and festive as it gets. ($22;

5. Romantic Red Roses Peel-Off Makeup

Stephanie shares that she discovered these super cheap peel-off lip stains on Amazon-and they get the job done just as easily as more expensive versions and are even more fun to use. Apply the sticky gloss to lips then peel off (like Elmer's glue) for a pigmented, long-lasting stain that's totally smudge-proof. ($3;

6. Lemonhead Hair Glitter

Although not for the faint of heart, for holiday parties or special occasions, hair glitter is a fun way to add some edge to an otherwise basic hairstyle. ($22;

7. NOW Essential Oils

If your friend is a beauty junkie she's likely slathering a ton of oil onto her skin, hair, and nails on the reg. Gift her with jojoba, tea tree, or rose hip oil so she can use these in a ton of different DIY beauty recipes. (prices vary;

8. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Another Amazon-find, this mask will clear out pores and help remove blackheads thanks to its clay formula, and the carbonated bubbles that make it beyond fun to use. ($10;



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