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The Hottest Nail Trends from New York Fashion Week

Jen Kao: Artful Manicures

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Look, but don't touch! For Jen Kao, CND Runway Nail Professional Wanda Ruiz created "Lethal Love" diffused, gradation manicures that attract the eye with bold shades, but like a poisonous frog, have dangerous undertones. These uniquely artful manicures were shaded using an airbrush tool, but you can re-create the look at home using CND Colours in Midnight Sapphire, Anchor Blue, Rouge Red, and Green Scene each combined with Inkwell and topped with Air Dry Top Coat while wet for an ombre finish.

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Karen Walker: Mustard Manicures

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At Karen Walker, Ruiz custom blended "Murky Mustard" manicures using CND Colour in Bicycle Yellow with seven drops of CND Colour in Blackjack for a summery, spirited, and youthful shade. Fresh faces with poppy orange lips and Victorian twisted hair made it almost possible to hear the songbirds tweeting!

Wes Gordon: Power Nails

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At Wes Gordon, CND lead artist Kristina Estabrooks crafted soft almond, nearly neon, coral "Power Nails" with two coats of CND Colour in Poppyfield to complement wispy, teased ponytails and fresh faces to embody the height of '60s SoHo sophistication. The namesake designer loved the edgy length of the nails and remarked that his vision's muse was "sleek and civilized, but she might scratch your eyes out."

Norman Ambrose: Funky French Manicures

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For the Norman Ambrose show, CND lead artist Candice Manacchio fashioned six different manicures to go with glam 1960's pieces straight out of vintage Vogue—for the sexy, exotic woman who swims in her diamonds. Re-create this long, oval-shaped nail here at home using CND Colour in Flashpoint iced with Sheer 24K Sparkle Effect for a funky French tip.

Norman Ambrose: Bonus! Funky French Manicure

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Manacchio's artistic manicures for Norman Ambrose are too cool to keep to ourselves. Almost every model on the runway had unique nails, but this look was one of our favorites. The recipe: Gold Chrome edged with CND Colour in Blackjack and gold leafing.

Kevork Kiledjian: Iced Sand Manicures

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For the Kevork Kiledjian show, Manacchio created "Iced Sand" manicures using one coat of Desert Suede topped with CND Jade Sparkle Effect and softened with a finish of CND Colour in Washed Down White. Nails were a modern spin on nude with added texture for a hi-tech finish to complement military green and cream shades on the runway.

Milly: Neon Nails

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For Milly, Manacchio fashioned neon bright nails using a blend of CND Colours in Brillant White, Bicycle Yellow, and Electric Orange to accessorize fuchsia pink lips and vibrant shades of vermillion, tangerine, and jade in the collection.

Naeem Khan: Hematite Nails

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At Naeem Khan, Ruiz crafted "Hematite Nails" for manicures and pedicures using saturated concrete gray CND Colour in Asphalt finished with Super Shiney Top Coat for a lustrous look. This sophisticated almond shape accentuated elaborately twisted buns and gorgeous red-carpet-ready gowns on the runway. To get this look at home, try the brand new CND Shellac in Asphalt, which guarantees mirror shine for two weeks!

Cushnie et Ochs: Flesh-Toned Manicures

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Backstage at Cushnie et Ochs, Dashing Diva Nail Fashion Expert Pattie Yankee worked with designers Carly and Michelle to create a "flesh extension" look. Yankee used a base of Dashing Diva's Mr. Right polish mixed with mineral makeup to match each model's skin tone perfectly. The designers chose an extended, sharp, oval shaped nail.

NAHM: Oval Manicures

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At NAHM, Ruiz created three unique oval manicures to color coordinate with airy white sundresses, plum-punchy prints, and burnt orange woven shifts. Cottony-white nails (left) were crafted with two coats of CND Colour in Washed Down White. Faded Creamsicle-orange nails (middle) were comprised of CND Colour in Desert Suede topped with Copper Shimmer Effect, and precious ruby nails (right) were done using CND Colour in Dark Ruby finished with Copper Pearl Effect. These luminescent styles complemented twisted unicorn top-knots and shimmery eye make-up.

Dean Quinn: Sunday at Studio 54

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Dean Quinn's 70's-inspired collection of tangerine crush and mild mint pieces were accessorized with "Sunday at Studio 54" manicures designed by Wanda Ruiz using CND Copper Shimmer Effect on the whole nail topped with one coat of CND Colour in Putty and iced along the cuticle in CND Colour in Desert Suede. Nails complemented peachy bronze makeup and intricately woven basket hair buns.

The Blonds: Glitz and Glam Manicures

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At The Blonds, Estabrooks created "Glitz & Glam" manicures for a collection inspired by '60's Playboy glamour infused with a little razzle dazzle. The 20 sets of nail tips took more than 100 hours of manual labor to hand detail and included a "Stockings Series" of manicures portraying fishnets, lacy tights, and sexy seams. Vintage cosmic-shaped glass was imported from Germany to shape diamond-decadent nails that shined out loud in the spotlight.

Joy Cioci: Lucite Lace Manicures

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Backstage at Joy Cioci, Manacchio designed "Lucite Lace" manicures using clear tips with hand-detailed lattice work. These see-through nails provided energy and attitude when paired with a fiery orange lip and frantic, whimsical curls. 

Nicole Miller: Glam Checkered Manicures

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For Nicole Miller, Ruiz crafted glam-rock checkered manicures using CND Colour in Raspberry parfait and a custom mixed blue comprised of CND Colours in Anchor Blue, Dark Ruby, Eclectic Purple and added blue pigment. Nails were finished with one layer of Ice Blue Shimmer Effect. Create this look at home by doing a vertical sweep of pink down your nail, and do the same with a sweep of blue so each half of the nail is covered with a color. Then go over with each color for the opposite corners. Top all nails with Ice Blue Shimmer for a dazzling finish.

FASTER by Mark Fast: Mixed Manicures

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Yankee worked with designer Mark Fast to create three custom polish colors that matched his line perfectly. Using tones of Dashing Diva's Pier 39, I Lilac Nothing, Too Much Melon Drama, and NYC Fleet Week polishes, Yankee was able to create a bright aqua, bold orange, and subtle purple shades.

Joanna Mastroianni: Luminous Lucite Tips

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Backstage at Joanna Mastroianni, Manacchio fashioned "Luminous Lucite" tips using CND Colours in Desert Suede, Brilliant White, Ivory Coast, and Gold Shimmer Effect on the edges for an illuminated finish with texture.

Kate Ermilio: Baby Bardot Manicures

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At Kate Ermilio, Manacchio designed "Baby Bardot" manicures in French pink with subtle, double moons using CND Colour in Creamy Cameo layered with Ice Blue Shimmer Effect. The first moon was created with CND Colour in Brilliant White, and the entire nail was covered with CND Colour in Washed Down White. A second, smaller moon was inserted using Brilliant White for a fantastically femme finish.

Alexandre Herchcovitch: Sugar Babe Manicures

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At Alexandre Herchcovitch, Ruiz designed "Sugar Babe" manicures that dazzled with shimmery white glitter on clear tips—fit for Sugar Plum Fairies on Summer holiday. The nails were created using Air Dry Top Coat on the entire nail with fine white sparkle sprinkled on top. A final sweep of Air Dry down the middle loaded the nails with more glitter. Eyes were shimmery iridescent to match nails, and popped with a collection of 40's-inspired feminine golden silks, intricate embroidery, and elaborate beading.

Monique Lhuillier: Soy Milk Manicures

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For Monique Lhuillier, Ruiz designed "Soy Milk" manicures on active, oval-shaped nails using semi-sheer CND Colour in Cream Washed topped with CND Super Shiney Top Coat for a glossy finish. Sporty evening wear (ie: Anna Kournikova from gym to gala) in pops of cobalt, black, and yellow were complemented by slicked back ponytails and matching dreamy blue eyeliner and toes.

Altuzarra: Second Skin Manicures

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At Altuzarra, Manacchio shaped "Second Skin" manicures using one coat of neutral, nude CND Colour in Putty layered with Super Matte Top Coat to juxtapose dramatic, black eyebrows and stick-straight hair. These nails perfectly accessorized a tropical sci-fi collection with leather, Hawaiian prints, and voluminous wide belts.

3.1 Phillip: Rain Coat Manicures

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Backstage at 3.1 Phillip Lim, CND lead artist Angi Wingle designed "Rain Coat" manicures to match see-through jackets on the runway. The designer wanted the manicure shade to mirror the flesh tone underneath the nail plate, so CND custom-blended a nail stain using drops of CND Colour in Raspberry Parfait and Guava mixed with Speedey Top Coat.


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