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How to Get Killer Brows In Less Than 2 Minutes

Natural, full, healthy-looking brows can transform your look, framing your face and making you look instantly more fresh-faced. Good news: Shape beauty director Kate Sandoval Box has got the quickie tools and expert tips that will help you get gorgeous brows in less than two minutes. (Next, check out our perfect eyebrows playbook.)

Get an instant eye lift (20 seconds)

Trace a blush colored highlighter along your brow bone (directly beneath your brows), then smudge with your finger to accentuate your arch. (Try Hard Candy Brows Now! Fiberized Brow Gel & Brow Highlighter, $6;

Tame with a gel (30 seconds)

If you want one easy, do-it-all-product to throw in your bag, look for a creamy grooming pomade. Just like mascara, but for your brows, it will tint and set unruly hair for a groomed, yet natural, more filled-in look that won't flake. (Try Glossier Boy Brow, $16;

Trim away strays (1 minute)

If your brows are too lengthy, use a special brow razor to help them look more polished. Hold it on any hairs that are too long and press to instantly cut the hair in a fast and foolproof way. (Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set, $15;

Touch-up (2 minutes)

A palm-sized brow kit ensures you always have exactly what you need for perfect brows, even on the go. Apply brow powder (you can blend both shades together for a customized shade) with the angled brush, then use the setting/perfecting wax to create a more defined shape and keep hair in place all day. You can also touch up any stray hairs with a convenient travel-sized tweezer—just make sure you're using them the *right* way. (Try Urban Decay Brow Box, $30;


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