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How to Get Rid of a Pimple with a Q-Tip


We just showed you a foolproof way to cover a pimple, but what about, you know, getting rid of it altogether? While we're not suggesting ditching your skin-care system completely (seriously, we're beholden to Proactiv), this super-easy solution is worth a try for stray zits here and there.

What you need: Two Q-tips.

What you do: After taking a hot shower, dry off. While your skin is still soft from the steam, place the two Q-tips on either side of the pimple (angled toward one another) and lightly press them together. Whatever's inside should come right out (sorry, ew), but if it doesn't, don't force it. After that, let it air out and dry up. (No touching.)

Why it works: A pimple is more likely to budge when skin is soft and supple--hence the hot shower. And the Q-tips are far gentler (and cleaner!) than your nails, which should never, ever be used for pore extraction.

As an added bonus, this trick will help you make a dent in that package of 5,000 Q-tips you just bought.

This article originally appeared on PureWow.

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