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How to Make a DIY Texture Spray for Effortless, Beachy Hair

Along with good ol' dry shampoo, a texture spray is a must-have for tousled, low-maintenance hair on days when a post-workout shower and blow-out isn't in the cards. Spritz some onto flat, two-day-old hair for an instant refresh that'll make you look like you just stepped off the beach. (Spent too much time in the ocean this summer? Here's how to detox your summer hair from all the chlorine, salt water, and UV damage.)

While there are endless texture and sea salt sprays on the market, you can make your own in seconds if DIY beauty is your thing. Here's how to do it: Combine hot water, sea salt, and coconut oil in a glass and stir well. Pour into a spray bottle, shake, and spray on hair for perfectly tousled, beachy hair all year long. (Related: How to Air Dry Your Hair So You Actually Like the Way It Looks

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