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If you've seen the picture of Beyoncé's short, blunt bang debut, you (and hundreds of other people trolling the internet this morning) may be in shock. Perhaps the reason her fringe is a little off-putting is because it doesn't look real, but this shorter-than-normal style isn't likely to become a trend.

"Yes, (her bangs) are very short, but it's not the length that's the problem-it's the width that makes them look fake," says Nunzio Saviano, master hairstylist and salon owner. He recommends people don't follow suit, since copying Queen B leaves "too much room for error. It could start to look really harsh."

The most universally flattering way to score rockin' bangs? The sweep (pictured below), where strands are layered to "sweep" subtly across your face, starting at the top corner of the hairline and extending diagonally.


"It works on every face shape and can bring out your cheekbones," he says. "All you have to do is adjust the length of the cut according to your preference."

If you prefer straight-across bangs, stick to a cut that is slightly below your eyebrows so they don't look as wispy. In general, if you have a wide or circular face, as your stylist to cut longer bangs to balance it. If you're an oval-shape, you can do more of a blunt cut.

But whatever you do, don't let Beyonce's retro-inspired style scare you: "Bangs are sexy," says Saviano. "They are not too dramatic if you do it right. Don't be afraid! Just start with a longer cut, and then adjust according to your liking."