Celebrities Are Obsessed With the Glass Hair Trend — Here's How to Get it In Three Easy Steps

Mark Townsend, a celebrity hairstylist, offers his best tips to scoring sleek and shiny hair.

Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale and Hailey Baldwin pictured with straight shiny hair against a blue background
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Glass hair is one of those trends that, despite the change in name every few years, will never go out of style. The trend is all about rocking straight, sleek, and shiny-looking hair. "We call it glass hair because it reflects so much light," says Mark Townsend, a celebrity hairstylist whose celebrity clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson. (

From red carpets to social media feeds, chances are you've seen your favorite A-list celebrities wearing the glass hair trend at one point or another — hi, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale, and Hailey Bieber. That's because the look is timeless and relatively easy to recreate. If you're looking to transform your hair into the sleek and shining hairstyle, you're in luck. Ahead, Townsend breaks down exactly how to get the look. The best part? It only takes three steps.

How to Get Glass Hair In 3 Steps

Hydrate Your Hair

Before you shower, apply a pre-shampoo deep conditioner, such as Jess & Lou 5 Minute ResQ Hair Therapy (Buy It, $50, jessandloubeauty.com), to dry hair. This pre-cleansing treatment hydrates, repairs, and restores your hair to help give it that healthy, shiny, and voluminous look.

After five minutes, rinse and follow your usual shampoo-and-conditioner routine. "Comb the conditioner through hair until every strand is coated. Be sure to rinse really well; Leftover conditioner makes hair greasy," says Townsend.

When you get out of the shower, skip the cotton towel as hair gets caught in the fibers, which rough up the cuticle layer, and ruin the sleekness of the glass hair look, says Townsend. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel, such as Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel (Buy It, $30, sephora.com), to absorb moisture without causing extra friction and frizz.

Prevent Frizz

The glass hair trend is all about achieving frizz-free strands. When the hair is still damp, apply a styling cream, such as Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream (Buy It, $44, amazon.com). The lightweight formula protects against heat and humidity — two major culprits for frizzy hair. It also boosts that sleek and shiny look without sacrificing volume and movement, and is a heat protectant. After applying the cream, blow-dry with an ionic dryer and a round brush, which is an easy brush to use and effortlessly smooths out the hair. (

Add Heat

Now, it's time to seal it all in. Before you smooth your hair into glassy perfection, though, spritz Dove Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray (Buy It, $7, walmart.com), which will add extra protection against heat damage, enhance shine, and extend the life of your hairstyle. (

Then, flatiron the hair in small sections. "When you do huge sections, the iron hits only the top and bottom layers and never reaches the strands in the middle," says Townsend. Working in smaller sections will ensure every strand gets the straightening treatment it needs to achieve that glass hair look.

Finally, seal it all in by spritzing a shine spray or a flexible-hold hairspray, like IGK 1-800-Hold-Me No-Crunch Flexible Hold Hairspray (Buy It, $29, igkhair.com) onto a paddle brush, then pull it through hair to distribute product evenly.

And there you have it — a celebrity hairstylist-approved guide to getting the glass hair look of your dreams.

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