These Makeup Crayons Will Change How You Feel About Glitter Eyeshadow

The Iconic London Glaze Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Crayon is all you need for a bold, shimmery eye look that's an absolute breeze to achieve.

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If you haven't heard, glitter makeup is a major fall 2021 makeup trend. Meaning, there's no time like the present to skip right past subtle shimmer in favor of reflective, vibrant, even chunky glitter. While I'm 100 percent on board with this trend, I also understand the common hesitation around glitter eyeshadow. In my experience, the ABBA-esque cosmetictends to draw attention to every eyelid crinkle — no matter how minuscule — and can feel heavy on or drying to my lids.

So when I saw that Iconic London launched a new glitter eye pencil promising an easy-to-apply solution with a better feel, I was intrigued. As someone who proselytizes about the brand's Illuminator Liquid Highlight (Buy It, $40, to anyone who'll listen (seriously, best money you'll spend), I figured the company would get this right too.

Iconic London

Buy It: Iconic London Glaze Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Crayon, $30,

Spoiler: It did. The Iconic London Glaze Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Crayon (Buy It, $30, features a cream shadow crayon and a glossy gel "glaze" on opposite sides of the same stick (thus the whole "dual-ended" part of the product's name). You can layer the glaze on top of the cream shadow for a high-impact look or wear either one on its own for a more subtle, shimmer. Just know that the glaze will deliver a bit of a glossy finish while the crayon creates more of a typical eyeshadow look.

When I tell you that application is a breeze, I'm not exaggerating. The crayon is buttery enough that it glides right on, and you can easily diffuse the edges with your finger or an eyeshadow brush. It's also wide enough that it covers a large swath of skin at once while still being plenty narrow to allow for precision — even if you're just focusing it in the inner corners of lids. The most impressive aspect, though, is the product's staying power. After a full day of wear, the color still looks fresh and it doesn't settle into my creases. Even when I pile it on, the glitter eyeshadow doesn't make my eyelids feel dried out by the end of the day as is the case with other glitter formulas. (

The Iconic London Glaze Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Crayon comes in seven different shades — all of which range in intensity but still deliver that on-trend metallic sheen. Since I tend to gravitate toward bronze hues, I'm partial to Volcanic, an almost-rusty shimmer. As for those who are first trying out glitter eyeshadow? You might want to start with a more muted shade such as Champagne (and — pro tip! — only use the crayon side of the stick). But if you're looking to really lean into the full-lid, frosted look of the early 2000s, then Quartz, a white shade with a subtle pink tinge, is perfect for you. (The crayons were inspired by the era, BTW.)

There are plenty of makeup products designed for minimum fuss, which you can use to achieve a wash of color without worrying about precision. But it's not every day that a product offers easy application and in-your-face glitter — and Iconic London has pulled it off. (In the market for more easy-to-apply products? This nail polish kit fits the bill — plus, it delivers a long-lasting mani in minutes.)

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