Happy Pride!

By Faith Brar
Updated: June 23, 2017

With over 57K followers on Instagram, St. Louis-based hairstylist Caitlin Ford is best known for her ridiculously gorgeous dye jobs. But recently, she took a break from the usual and decided to try her handiwork on another part of her body: her armpits.

Ford was recently approached by one of her best friends who really wanted to dye her armpit hair all the colors of the rainbow to celebrate the St. Louis Pride Fest this weekend. Ford was up for the challenge. (Related: What Happened When I Tried an Armpit Detox)

She even documented the entire process on her Instagram story and started by bleaching the hair-and then slathered pink, orange, yellow, green and blue dyes on the underarms and let it sit. Within minutes, she gave rise to Rainbow Pits, which have become one the most creative looks used to celebrate Pride.

Ford isn't the first person to give dying armpit hair a try. Miley Cyrus posted a picture of her hair-covered armpits covered in pink dye back in 2015.

Since then several people have followed suit, sharing their own colorful pits on social media.


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July 11, 2017
YUK! What in the world is the matter with these so called women?
June 27, 2017
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