The OUAI founder talks cheap beauty finds, NYFW trends, and how she deals with stress.

By Renee Cherry
September 13, 2019
Presley Ann/Stringer/Getty Images

The New York Times deemed Jen Atkin the "most influential hair arbiter of our time" in 2015, and she's lived up to the title in the years since. Even if Jen wasn't a hairstylist to celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, she'd still hold sway as the founder of super-hyped hair-care brand OUAI, not to mention her hair site Mane Addicts and numerous brand partnerships. (Related: Ouai Is Moving Into Body Products with the Launch of This Aftersun Foam)

Glance at Jen's Instagram feed and you'll quickly realize that she's behind some of Hollywood's best gravity-defying ponytails and curls. Her work is no doubt one of the most popular sources of hair inspiration that people are bringing to their stylists worldwide. We're obsessed (if you haven't guessed), so when we got the opportunity to talk beauty with Atkin, we jumped at the chance.

On How to Improve Hair Health...

"Almost everyone asks me how they can get healthier hair. I always tell people to wash less frequently—our Super Dry Shampoo (Buy It, $24, is amazing for extending your blowout a few more days. Use our OUAI Treatment Masque (Buy It, $32, once or more a week. Five minutes with that on your hair and it will be like new again."

On OUAI's Non-Hair Launches...

"We launched our Fragrances earlier this summer and they were one of our biggest launches ever. We already have Scalp & Body Scrub (Buy It, $38, and Rose Hair & Body Oil (Buy It, $32, in the line. We know from social that a majority of people are using those products on their bodies, so we already have some bestsellers in that category. You can definitely expect to see more from us soon...our followers have been asking for it."

On Her Favorite Affordable Beauty Products...

"I love Glossier (Buy It, $12,, Kiss Individual Lashes (Buy It, $4, from the drugstore, and Honest Beauty blotting papers (Buy It, $15," (Related: Budget-Friendly Makeup Brushes You Can Snag at the Drugstore)

On How She Manages Stress...

"I always take weekends off now, no matter what opportunities come up. I used to work weekends all the time and never give myself enough time to recharge. Now I make time at home with [my husband] Mike and [my dog] Roo a priority and I'll never go back. I also make sure I get massages weekly."

On the NYFW Hair Trends She's Most Excited About...

"It's hard to choose! The Mane Addicts stylists have been doing wet looks and high ponies, and playing with hair accessories in so many different ways." (Related: Jen Atkin Shared That She Has "Military Neck"—and It Sounds Painful)


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