Jenna Lyons' Line of Falsies Are the Antidote to Heavy Strip Lashes

Lyons launched Loveseen, a brand offering exceptionally real-looking fake lashes.

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Loveseen Beauty false lashes
Photo: Loveseen

It's OK if J. Crew is the first thing to pop into your head when you hear the name Jenna Lyons, but nowadays the brand's former creative director has moved onto other noteworthy ventures. This includes her new HBO Max series called Stylish with Jenna Lyons, and Loveseen, her new brand of false eyelashes. The woman who practically defined 21st-century prep has officially made her foray into the beauty world.

If you still associate Lyons with crisp blazers and statement necklaces, the pivot might seem a little off the beaten path, but the inspiration behind Loveseen is actually personal. Lyons was born with incontinentia pigmenti, a rare genetic disorder that can cause hair loss or skin, eye, or dental abnormalities. The condition has left her with just a few of her own eyelashes, which she says made her hyper-aware of how lashes really impact someone's face.

"Because I really have no lashes to speak of, I notice everyone else's," said Lyons in a press release. "What became so clearis how different eyelashes can be. How skin tone, eye shape, hair texture, ethnicity, and, most importantly desire, can inform what works for you."

So, Lyons partnered with makeup artist Troi Ollivierre to develop a line of false lashes that would be more inclusive to eye shapes, and skin tones while still delivering the impactful eye-brightening effect of lashes. The result? Loveseen lashes, which come in several different styles, all of which are designed to lend the natural look of lash extensions but without being as costly, time-consuming, or exclusive. (ICYDK, lash extensions are essentially fake hairs that are attached lash by lash and last weeks, but they only work for people who have natural hairs to attach them to, which isn't an option for someone like Lyons.)

Loveseen boasts a selection of 15 false lash styles that are meant to suit glam or everyday looks. Each incorporates aspects that make them look more natural than the average strip lash, such as brown or clear bands and irregularly distributed hairs. Each set comes in largely recyclable packaging, and they are moderately priced at $20-$22 per set, made of nylon, and meant to wear up to 10 times.

To find out if the lashes look as amazing IRL as they do in the brands' images, I gave them a test run. To get started, I took the brand's "Find My Lash" quiz, which involves clicking on photos that most closely resemble your hair color, skin tone, and eye shape. I was matched with three different styles: Levi, a corner lash strip, Jack, a full strip with brown and black hairs, and Luca, an even subtler full strip with light brown hairs.

Loveseen Jack Eyelashes

LOVESEEN Jack eyelashes

I struggled a little to apply Levi (corner strips have never been my friend and I probably should've overruled the lash-matching algorithm), but I was able to apply Jack and Luca in one go, which has never happened for me. So what's Loveseen's secret? It's all because the bands are practically nonexistent, so they're easy to line up flush with your lashes. And I didn't even bother with tweezers — after allowing the glue to become tacky for 30 seconds, I stuck them right on and made any necessary adjustments. (

The lashes are featherlight, so I didn't feel the usual urge to rip them off my face after a full day of wear. Instead of the stark, costume vibe I always get from a set of falsies, these just enhanced my natural lashes in a did you get a hair cut or something? type of way. What's more, I never felt the need to apply eyeliner since the bands are lighter in color than the black ones I'm used to and blended more seamlessly into my lids. (

Whether or not you followed Lyons during her J. Crew days, her take on fake eyelashes is worth checking out. When you want to give your lashes extra oomph but aren't feeling a fluffy set of falsies, these are the perfect middle ground.

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