She always brings up Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm when asked about her top favorite beauty products.
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When Jennifer Lopez said she uses a rose cream from Whole Foods to moisturize, everyone turned their attention to Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. But J. Lo isn't the only famous Jennifer who's revealed she constantly uses a product from Dr. Hauschka. Jennifer Aniston happens to be a huge fan of Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm (Buy It, $17,

Back in 2013, Aniston told The Cut that Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm was a "favorite" that she always has in her bag. Two years later, she told Elle that she's a lip balm "addict" and packs the product in her in-flight kit. To this day, the lip balm is still one of Aniston's non-negotiables. Just a few weeks ago, she told Glamour it's one of three beauty products she'd choose to bring on a deserted island. (Related: The Workout Leggings Jennifer Aniston Has Been "Loving" Most These Days)

That's a major compliment, but it's not hard to guess why Aniston's so sold on the lip balm. All Dr. Hauschka products are natural, organic, and not tested on animals, and the brand's lip balm is a savior for chapped lips. The balm contains several plant oils, like jojoba oil and castor oil, two incredibly moisturizing ingredients. Not only that, it contains silk powder, which is used in cosmetics to help other ingredients better penetrate the skin. Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm also contains St. John's Wort—yes, the same herb that many people take orally as a natural antidepressant. Since St. John's Wort contains a compound called hyperforin, it's thought to help reinforce the skin barrier, preventing water loss. (Related: The $20 Nighttime Moisturizer Jennifer Aniston Swears By for Facial-Like Results)

Based on reviews of the product, this isn't one of those wimpy balms that evaporate within minutes of application. Customer reviewers report that it softens lips and imparts moisture without feeling greasy. "In the dead of winter when my lips cannot get any drier, all it takes is one application of lip balm and I have instant relief. After two applications, my lips are completely healed. My husband has the same results. I call it my miracle product," one person wrote on Dr. Hauschka's website. Another reviewer summed up their love for the product in just one sentence: "Truly a little pot of gold for the lips!" (Related: Drew Barrymore Shares the Crazy-Good Results from Her Natural Beauty Experiment)

Fortunately, you won't have to fork over all your money to try the lip balm since it's currently under $20 on Dermstore. That feels like a small price to pay for a beauty product that Aniston has been toting around for years.

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