Jennifer Aniston Showed Off Her Natural Wavy Hair Texture On Instagram

Aniston posted a photo of her hair in all of its humidity-boosted glory.

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You'd never guessed based on her TV appearances and red carpet photos, but Jennifer Aniston has naturally wavy hair. The Friends star shared a rare glimpse at her gorgeous natural texture on Instagram yesterday, to the delight of many of her followers.

She captioned a series of selfies with sweaty and frazzled emojis, writing, "Okay, Humidity… Let's go…" She also tagged her new haircare line, LolaVie, in the caption.

Aniston's comments section was full of adoration, with Rita Wilson gushing, "Love" and Ali Wentworth complimenting Aniston's "sexy bed hair." Aniston's Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon commented with heart-eye emojis and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer summed up the general consensus with, "It's beautiful."

Although this may be the first time you're seeing Aniston's natural texture, the actress previously lamented having frizz hair since childhood. "I've had a frizzy texture since I was a kid, just from lovely genetics," she told Women's Health in 2016. At the time, she used Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo (Buy It, $29, and Conditioner (Buy It, $29, to keep her hair smooth and frizz free. (Aniston was a spokesperson for the brand.) Each product forms an invisible shield around strands to prevent frizz, even in humid conditions. (

Aniston's also sung the praises of UNITE 7SECONDS Detangler (Buy It, $30, for fighting frizz. "My hairstylist Chris McMillan drops off all kinds of products for me to test," she told People in 2017. "This is a new favorite — I can just let my hair air-dry, and it will eliminate any frizz." McMillan has shared that Aniston used the frizz-fighting Living Proof Restore Repair Mask (Buy It, $38,, once a week, typically on Sundays while watching 60 Minutes. (Goals!)

Aniston told Glamour in 2019 that her hair actually started out straight — until a dramatic haircut. "I love my hair when it's straight. When I was a little girl, I had really long, straight hair to my bum — below my bum, actually," she told the publication. "And then when my mom gave me the authority to do anything I wanted with my hair, mistakenly, I cut it all off. I could never grow it back. And then when I cut it short, I discovered it was curly." (

Days after the Glamour interview, McMillan (who, fun fact, invented "The Rachel" back in the day), shared a snapshot of Aniston rocking beachy waves on the red carpet.

"This was such an honor to be a part of," he captioned the pic. "The hair is Jen's natural curl and waves. Dried natural and touched up minimally with blow-drying the roots for direction and touching up random pieces with a wave iron."

Aniston's product recommendations have evolved through the years, but as she alluded to in her latest Instagram post, her current go-to haircare line is her own. On days when she wants to combat the effects of humidity, she likely makes LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In (Buy It, $29, a priority. The leave-in conditioner not only repairs hair and fights frizz, it acts as a heat protectant to prevent future damage.

Whether you rock your hair's natural texture daily or prefer styling tools à la Aniston, you can steal the actress' favorite frizz fighters, past and present.

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