This Jennifer Garner-Approved Styler Transformed My Hair In One Week

The star says it makes her hair “so much healthier and thicker,” and I 100 percent feel the same.

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For those of you who don't begin every day by stalking Jennifer Garner's Instagram, her obsession with Virtue Hair products is contagious. Sure, she's a partner of the brand and friends with the founding stylist, but something about the way her eyes sparkle when she says "my hair is truly, truly, so much thicker and healthier" conveys a joy that transcends award-winning acting skills. Plus, her hair always looks perfect. So when I was offered a sample of Virtue's 6-In-1 Styler, I immediately said yes. (Check out more genius Jen G. discoveries.)

Jennifer Garner Virtue Styler

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For a touch of context, my hair is currently dry and chronically damaged due to years of impulsive dyeing decisions and a toxic relationship with my straightener. The 6-In-1 Styler promises soft, shiny results and protection from heat damage. What's more, the brand's patented ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku, mimics a naturally occurring protein shown to mend the bonds within broken strands, repairing breakage and split ends. Of course, all this sounds too good to be true, which is why I wanted to put it to the test.

I began to use the product daily, working a quarter-sized amount from the mid-shaft to the ends of my damp hair. (FYI, it works on dry hair too!) Since the texture is so lightweight, my hair didn't look or feel greasy after applying, so I styled my hair as normal and headed to work. That's when I knew this stuff is witchcraft: Although my split ends weren't instantly repaired, my hair was smoother, bouncier, and miraculously brighter. Even my once-frizzy ends had transformed into soft curls. I stared into my mirror, wondering if this was how national treasure, Jennifer Garner, feels every day. (BTW, if you're still on the hunt for holiday presents, Jen calls Virtue products the "perfect gifts".)

A full week later, my hair looks healthier overall. Even after waking up, I no longer feel the need to throw it up into a bun to hide it. The frizz that I once thought was uncontrollable is almost non-existent, and I'm already seeing a decrease in split ends. Although I may not be meditating every day or inventing new cookie recipes, I am absolutely thrilled that Jennifer Garner and I have this one tiny thing in common.

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