Jennifer Garner Swears This Hair Oil Made Her Thinning Locks "Strong and Vibrant Again"

The celeb-approved product builds thickness over time and adds softness and shine in an instant.

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Jennifer Garner and Virtue Healing Oil
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Gradually losing the thick, luxurious, and strong locks of your youth is just an inevitable part of aging us mortals have to deal with — and Jennifer Garner is no exception.

Yes, even though the actress looks like she stepped straight out of the Fountain of Youth, Garner's bouncy hair has begun to thin out due to aging and having children, she recently told The Strategist. But much like her lovestruck, career-driven character in 13 Going on 30, she wasn't going to give up without a fight. Her weapon of choice in this battle against weak, thinning hair? Virtue's Healing Oil (Buy It, $42, It's designed to nourish dry and fragile tresses, protect them from breakage, camouflage split ends, and add shine, says Kerry E. Yates, a trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) and the founder of Colour Collective. (

"As soon as I started using Virtue products — this oil, the shampoo (Buy It, $38,, and the styling cream (Buy It, $32, — I felt a difference in the texture of my hair," Garner told The Strategist. "It was thick, strong, and vibrant again."

The secret behind the hair oil's strength-boosting effects is the brand's proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku, a version of keratin that's collected in its purest form, according to Virtue. "This powerful ingredient literally fills in the holes, repairing damaged cuticle areas," says Yates. "This gives the appearance that the hair is repaired and rejuvenated."

Microscopic photos of the ingredient in action have shown that after a single application of Alpha Keratin 60ku, each strand of hair becomes 22 percent thicker, and after five uses, 95 percent of split ends are repaired, per the company. Translation: In just a few treatments, your locks will be noticeably more Rapunzel-like. (Just know that, while Virtue Healing Oil can repair the hair that's currently on your head, it doesn't contain any ingredients that promote new hair growth, says Yates.)

Virtue Healing Oil

Next on the hair oil's list of restorative ingredients is Tahitian gardenia flower extract, which helps strengthen brittle and damaged hair, and Kalahari melon seed oil, which protects strands from moisture loss. Lastly, there's cyclopentasiloxane, a super lightweight silicone that helps detangle hair and add a glossy appearance, says Yates. The final result: "It makes your hair soft and shiny but not greasy — just moisturized, strong, and delightful," said Garner.

Garner isn't the only one who's obsessed, either. The nourishing hair oil has a whopping 3,400 "hearts" at Sephora, and raving reviewers are even calling Virtue Healing Oil a complete game changer. "My day-after-wash hair used to look really dry on the ends, and now everything looks healthy and my hair is softer than ever," one shopper wrote. "I'm in awe. The oil doesn't make my fine hair look greasy at all and a little genuinely goes a long way."

As an added bonus, your locks will become gently scented with notes of vanilla and coconut with every use, creating a true salon-like experience that Garner can't get enough of. "The healing oil is honestly better than perfume," she said. "It's not a heavy scent; it just smells clean, super-warm, and inviting."

A single hair product that builds strong locks, instantly creates silky smooth tresses, and doubles as your favorite fragrance? Sold. Add Garner's must-have Virtue Healing Oil to your shopping cart and start rebuilding those voluminous and plentiful strands once again.

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