Jennifer Lopez Just Shared the Single Product That's Responsible for Her Signature Glow

Snuggles and smooches aboard a luxurious yacht with Ben Affleck are not included.

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No one is having a busier — or steamier — summer than Jennifer Lopez. The multi-hyphenate, who celebrated her 52nd birthday in late July, is always glowing, whether she's on the go or posting a glamorous selfie on the 'gram. And on Sunday, the international icon gave her Instagram followers a treat by walking them through her five-minute (!) complexion boosting routine by giving them the low-down on her secret weapon: That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster (Buy It, $39, from her JLo Beauty collection.

In the clip posted to JLo Beauty's Instagram account, Lopez is first seen in her bathroom, where she's wearing a tropical green robe that feels very reminiscent of her iconic Versace dress from the 2000 Grammy Awards. With her hair in a top knot, the mother of two then breaks down how she uses her prized highlighter, which is a liquid serum available in four shades — Rich Bronze, Warm Bronze, Rose Gold, and Pink Champagne — that not only enhances the skin's natural glow but also packs a heavy antioxidant punch — but more on that in a second. (

"Here's the thing with these, they can really be used on all different kinds of skin types and skin colors, and I like to use all four of them," explained Lopez in the clip, noting she uses some of the shades for highlighter and some for contour. Beginning with Rich Bronze, which is the darkest hue available, Lopez sprays a pea-sized amount of the serum on her fingertip before warming it up between the rest of her fingertips and swiping it below each cheekbone. Although it has a contour-like effect, Lopez said in the clip, "when I don't want to have a full makeup thing, and I want to look more natural and glowy, and not like I have a full face [of makeup] on all the time, I will literally just use this as my contour." Lopez then adds a bit of excess gently across her forehead and chin, down to her neck that gives off a "fully done" vibe without fuss — a harried morning makeup dream.

As the Instagram clip continues, Lopez turns her attention to the Warm Bronze shade, which is slightly lighter and more golden, color-wise. She then uses the serum to line the bridge of her nose "just a tiny bit," before she begins to blend the shades "to take away some of that darkness" and spread the glow to her entire face. "Giving yourself a little bit of a tan, a little bit of a bronzey-ness underneath everything," said Lopez, as she continued to blend her face. (

JLo Beauty

Buy It: JLo Beauty That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster, $39,

For her eyelids and cheeks, Lopez swears by the Rose Gold shade. Much like the previous two serums, Lopez once again warms the pea-sized liquid in her fingertips before applying it to the apples of her cheeks and all over her lids. "It makes everything look dewy and pretty," she shared in Sunday's Instagram clip. With the final and lightest product, Pink Champagne, Lopez uses the serum as her all-over highlighter, swiping it along her cheeks, on the bridge of her nose, the center of her chin, and on across her brow bones. "Everything is about symmetry when you're talking about sculpting and contouring," explained Lopez in the clip. "You're trying to create beautiful symmetry."

Beyond giving your skin a gorgeous glow, the That Star Filter Complexion Boosters are also infused with vitamin E, which is an antioxidant protector, as well JLo Beauty's signature Olive Complex, a rich, hydrating blend of olive-derived squalane, which supplement's the skin's natural oils for hydration, fermented oil, extra virgin olive oil, and olive leaf extract. (FYI: Here's Why Should You Consider Using Vitamin E for Your Skin)

All in all, it's proof positive that scoring that ethereal "J.Lo spending the summer on the shores of the Mediterranean" glow can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Sadly, snuggles and smooches on a yacht from Ben Affleck are not included with the purchase.

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