This $18 Dermaplaning Tool Set Is My Go-To for Removing Facial Hair at Home

Not only does it make my face peach fuzz-free, but it also exfoliates and smooths my skin for a more radiant complexion.

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The saving grace of puberty is that it doesn't last forever — I'm looking at you hormonal anguish, tumultuous skin conditions, and unpredictable body developments. However, my post-puberty existence has been plagued by something personally embarrassing: facial hair.

Hear me out: I know having facial hair as a woman is completely normal and natural, and if you like it and are comfortable with it, you shouldn't feel the need to remove it; but, I am not down with the peach fuzz that has become a constant feature of my adult face. While the hair is light and not always visible, it creates a kind of halo over my face that makes me feel like a sixth-grade boy. (

After a decade of trying a myriad of solutions from hair bleaching to threading, the only facial hair removal method I continuously come back to is dermaplaning. In short, the at-home treatment entails the use of a small razor that you glide over your face in short strokes to simultaneously exfoliate dead skin cells and remove hair and peach fuzz. While there are pricey, metal, refillable options out there, I have found the Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Skin Smoothing Trio (Buy It, $18, to be my savior for removing facial hair at home.

skin smoothing set

Buy It: Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Skin Smoothing Dermaplaning Tool Set, $18, and

When I first heard of dermaplaning, the idea of taking any sort of blade to my face filled me with dread and images of my hair growing back as dark, blunt, thick stubble. But, the tools started to proliferate across the beauty industry, with brands I trusted launching their own versions with clear instructions and myth-debunking information, which piqued my interest.

Not to mention, even dermatologists were supporting the benefits of dermaplaning, including more radiant skin and a better canvas for applying your products. Mona Gohara, M.D., previously explained to Shape, "Dead skin cells can definitely make the skin look duller, and [dermaplaning] also allows for products to penetrate more effectively." (Psst, shop more dermaplaning tools here.)

So, I took the plunge. Obviously, I knew there was hair on my face, but I was shocked at how much peach fuzz actually came off in my first at-home session. The stainless steel safety blade peeks out just enough to remove hair, and the relatively long length of the blade makes the process efficient — meaning, you can cover more surface area, faster. Safety blades have recently emerged as the preferred type of shaving tool since they reduce the chances of ingrown hairs and razor burn. The treatment left my complexion clearer and brighter, simply because of the hair removal.

Now, I use the Jenny Patinkin tool once or twice a monthon dry, clean skin with short strokes across my chin, jawbones, and upper lip. Afterward, I make sure to avoid any skin-care acids or harsh ingredients, since they can cause increased irritation given the newly revealed layer of skin. Instead, I opt for a gentle, soothing moisturizer or face oil, such as Avene's Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream or Indie Lee's Squalane Facial Oil.

With Jenny Patinkin's dermaplaning set, not only do I appreciate the affordable price point, but I love that I get three peach fuzz-fighting tools that are recyclable and made with eco-friendly ingredients. Plus, having two back-up blades on hand makes swapping out my tool completely seamless. FYI, a new razor is supposed to be used for each full-face treatment and kept for touch-ups in between, however, I have found that I can use one razor twice on my entire face.

Besides the obvious lack of hair, there have been other unexpected benefits to adding dermaplaning to my skin-care routine. It offers gentle physical exfoliation, which has helped slough off dead skin cells and lingering products. It's also become an MVP for my hyperpigmentation issues, since it increases cell turnover. What's more, the potent ingredients in my beauty products are able to penetrate my skin even better thanks to less hair, dirt, and buildup. (

Contrary to what I thought, my facial hair did not grow back with a vengeance — so if this is a concern holding you back from trying dermaplaning, don't let it. I did start to notice my facial hair more after that first removal session, but I think it's only because I finally knew what my face looked like unencumbered by tiny, fuzzy hairs.

Professional dermaplaning treatments can run anywhere from $75-$200, and they are usually scheduled once a month, which can become costly. For $18, I get three dermaplaning tools that will take me through three months of facial hair removal. That said, I'll be sticking to my holy grail Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Skin Smoothing Dermaplaning Tool Set — it hasn't steered me wrong yet!

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