Jessica Alba's 'Holistic' Wellness Routine Includes Exercise, Meditation, and Drinking Lots of Water

The mom of three shared her balanced approach to beauty in a recent interview.

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Although she's the founder of a company known for its beauty products, Jessica Alba takes a balanced approach to looking and feeling her best. You won't find her following a complicated skin-care regimen or applying loads of makeup on a typical morning. Instead, she focuses on exercising, getting a good amount of sleep, drinking lots of water, and practicing meditation, she explained in a recent interview with Today. (

"Obviously having great beauty products and sleeping really helps, but you do have to, I think, practice those holistic things that make you healthy, otherwise it doesn't really matter what kind of cream or makeup you have," she said.

The actress and entrepreneur starts her day with a quick skincare routine using products from her line, Honest Beauty, of course. As for those other healthy activities (aside from doing TikTok dances with Zac Efron), Alba cites yoga, spin classes, and interval training as her go-to workouts. "I just feel connected to my body, and it makes me feel strong," she told Today.

Alba also credits meditation with having a impact on her well-being. "[It] helps me connect with my heart and shut off a lot of the chatter in my head and ground me," she explained in the recent interview. ICYDK: Meditation has a ton of benefits. Not only can the practice help make you a better athlete, but it also may help lower stress levels, increase self-awareness, and lessen loneliness. "And then I drink lots of water," Alba added.

The mom of three is also big on consistency; it's something she urges her children to prioritize, specifically when it comes to skin care. "I would say my No. 1 beauty advice for my kids is just being consistent since their skin is going to be changing with hormones," she said.

However, even Alba can't resist trying out a new TikTok beauty trend. She's a fan of the "puppy dog eyeliner" hack, which her 13-year-old daughter, Honor, taught her, she explained in the Today interview. ICYMI, the the trend involves applying eyeliner with a wing that goes down, instead up, like you would for a standard cat eye. It supposedly makes the eyes appear larger.

The takeaway from Alba's insights? Focus on a balanced and consistent wellness routine, but don't be afraid to try a fun, new beauty trend every once in a while. (Next up: TikTokers Say This Pore-Minimizing Toner Turns Your Skin Into a 'Real-Life Filter')

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