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Jill Martin's 10 Tips for Organizing Your Wardrobe

Jill Martin's 10 Tips for Organizing Your Wardrobe

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Do you often find yourself standing in front of an overstuffed closet saying, "I have nothing to wear?" Is picking an outfit to wear a grueling process, where half of your wardrobe ends up discarded on the floor? Are you always running late because you can never figure out exactly what to wear? If you're like most women, these questions are all too familiar.

Help has finally arrived! Jill Martin, seasoned fashion expert, TODAY show personality and author of the new book, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR: A Painless 12-Step Program to Declutter Your Life So You Never Have to Say This Again," shared the 10 tips you need to organize your wardrobe and dress for success!

Have a Friend Help

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If you can find a friend to help you, this will make the process fun and more effective. An honest friend will help you part with those pieces you are hanging on to that you know you shouldn't be!

No Time Like The Present

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Pick a time that you are in the mood to focus and really get serious about cleaning out. No time like the present! Today is the perfect day to start.

Get Yourself Some Garbage Bags

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Get yourself some garbage bags. Once you start putting stuff in the bags, it is less likely that you will go back in searching for what you got rid of.

Donate, Consign and Toss

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Start with 3 separate bags – one to donate, one to consign, and one to toss. As you start to go through each piece you will be able to tell what goes where: in good condition, but not designer or current – donate, in great condition and designer or trendy – consign, in not so great shape and not really usable – toss!

Ditch the Stained, Pilly or Itchy

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The first round is easy – just do a once over of each piece in your closet and determine if it is even wearable – meaning not stained, ripped, stretched out, pilly, itchy, or otherwise unappealing.

Do I Like This?

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While you are checking for wearability, decide: “Is this something I even like?” If you haven’t worn it in over a year, if it is in a color you don’t wear, or a style that doesn’t express your personality, ditch it!

Try Stuff On!

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Next round start trying the remaining pieces on. If you are going to be your best, sexiest, most confident self, your clothes must fit and flatter your figure. There is no reason to ever wear anything that doesn’t make you feel and look your absolute best!

Get Closet Organizing Tools

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Get some closet organizing tools. Three faves: huggable hangers – these thin, felt hangers will give you quadruple the hanging room, ensure that everything hangs properly (no falling dress straps), and make your closet look pretty! Clear shoe boxes – these shoe and boot boxes will have your shoes and boots paired off, stacked, and organized in no time – and because they are see-through you will be able to find what you are looking for right away (no more piles and searching for the mate). Hanging jewelry organizer – this contraption will keep all your earrings paired off, your necklaces untangled and have you accessorizing with ease. Each clear pocket holds a different piece – making it easy to see and store, and the best part is that it hangs in your closet taking up no room!

Organize According to Style

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At this point you should only have 25 percent of your wardrobe left! It should be so easy to organize everything according to style – pants together, dresses, skirts, and so on…

All That's Left Are 10s!

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The pieces you have left should all be “10s” and treated as such. Keep your closet organized and looking pretty and you will wake up every morning looking forward to opening your closet and always having something to wear!


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