Her makeup artist Scott Barnes revealed that Neutrogena sunscreen spray is one of his secret weapons. (And no, it's not because SPF prevents aging—but it does.)
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Jennifer Lopez is famous for perfecting that elusive, never-too-shiny glow on the red carpet (heck, she even had a perfume named Glow). Luckily, J.Lo's makeup artist Scott Barnes is dishing on the technique he uses to help the star get that radiant, full-body effect-and trust us, it's good. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Is Developing a Skin-Care Line)

Barnes teamed up for a video on YouTuber Tati Westbrook's channel to showcase his new makeup brush line and some of his go-to techniques. The 30-minute video is worth a watch in its entirety. Barnes-who's also worked with Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion-shares some of his expert hacks, including why he applies contour under foundation, and that time he used L'Oréal Bronze Coin lipstick as a highlighter, lip color, and eyeshadow for a shoot. But if you just want the most interesting tidbit, it's Barnes' favorite drugstore product: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray SPF 30. (Buy It, $10, target.com)

And no, it's not just because sun protection prevents aging. (Although, it totally does!) Barnes actually likes to use the sunscreen as a finishing tool on the red carpet to add to his clients' body glow. Mind. Blown.

There are several steps Barnes does to build that bronze base and afterward to add dimension. The first step is full-body foundation. If you've seen J.Lo's notorious "naked dress," then you're aware her glow doesn't end at her jawline. Unsurprisingly, Barnes is a proponent of extending makeup below the face. (In the video, he applies Tati's foundation all the way down her chest and even on her hands.) Naturally, Barnes also sells a product called Body Bling, a hard-core body bronzer that reviewers say works even on the palest of complexions. (Related: The Best Way to Apply Self-Tanner Based On Your Skin Tone)

Here's where the SPF comes into play. Post-foundation, Barnes will layer on the Neutrogena sunscreen spray to both set the foundation in place and enter "super glow" territory. "Forget the MAC setting spray," he quips in the video. (And of course, "this is also good for your skin, so when you go outside bronzed you maintain your sun protection," he adds.) After misting the sunscreen on Tati's chest, he then applied powder bronzer and highlighter to achieve what he calls "Barbie skin." There you have it.

Granted, yes, this slick, bronzed look is more editorial than everyday. "I see people who do really beautiful makeup and people look great on the street," he said in the video. "That's not my thing. You'll look good on film, but maybe in person you'll look like 'ah!'" Translation: This full four-step foundation, sunscreen, bronzer, and highlighter combination isn't exactly meant to look natural in person. But if you want your next Instagram post to look more like a J.Lo red carpet moment, have at it. The more you know.