Jonathan Van Ness' Hair-Care Line Is About to Hit Stores

The brand JVN was created with the TV personality's hair-care philosophy in mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Van Ness

As the grooming expert on Netflix's Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness has doled out plenty of hair advice over the years. And if you've been taking notes since season one, you'll soon be able to start using products straight from Van Ness. Cue: all of the "Yaaaas!" In January, the Fab Five member announced the news of his upcoming haircare line JVN, and now it's about to hit stores.

Every Queer Eye fan knows that JVN is not a fan of sulfates, and cautions against using products with the ingredients since they can be drying. (Refresher: He exposed sodium laureth sulfate as "the same thing that cleans the engine in a car" by the very first episode.) Fittingly, the complete JVN lineup is sulfate-free and incorporates gentler cleansing agents such as sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, a coconut-derived surfactant. (

Courtesy of JVN

The products also exclude silicones, a category of ingredients that many brands also steer clear of thanks to their potential to cause build-up on strands. Silicones often function in formulas as an emollient, aka an ingredient that helps to seal in moisture and reduce frizz in turn. As an alternative, JVN products incorporate sugar-derived hemisqualane, which also boasts emollient properties. Hemisqualane is lighter than its relative squalane (which, yes, you can also find in skin-care products), and more easily able to penetrate the hair's cuticle (outermost layer) to moisturize strands, Van Ness explained during a product preview. (

JVN is launching with four collections spanning 10 products total. The Nurture Collection offers intense hydration while the Undamage Collection is perfect for, in Van Ness' words, "people who can't say no" to hair color treatments and hot irons. The Embody Collection is intended to give fine hair body without drying it out, a common complaint about volumizing formulas. Finally, the Complete Collection includes the Instant Recovery Serum and Air Dry Cream — a duo that Van Ness swears by for wash and go days — as well as the Complete Pre-Wash Scalp Oil, which contains soothing bisabolol (a component of essential oil made from chamomile) and basil root extract which may help minimize hair loss. All the products are color-safe, vegan, and housed in recyclable aluminum bottles and tubes with recycled plastic caps and pumps.

Now, the information you've all been waiting for: JVN will launch on and the Sephora website on August 31, and in Sephora stores on September 17. Until then, you can always rewatch old Queer Eye episodes for a refresher on Van Ness' hair-care commandments.

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