She used a genius product from Lady Gaga's Haus Labs line.

By Rebecca Norris
September 25, 2019
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Credit: Rich Fury/Staff/Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco may be a fitness queen, but she's also got a few beauty tricks up her sleeve.

This week, she made an appearance on celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg's Instagram Stories, where the actress showcased her love for a product from Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories.

Greenberg, who was working on a cat-eye look for Cuoco, used wing-tip eyeliner stickers from Haus Labs Eye Armor Kit (Buy It, $35,, and the results have the Big Bang star "obsessed" with the product. (Related: Lady Gaga Dropped New Makeup On Amazon, Including an Eyeliner That's Already a Best-Seller)

"It's so easy—easiest cat eye ever," Greenberg said in her IG Story.

Credit: Instagram/@jamiemakeup

"I can not," a wide-eyed Cuoco said of the look. "So cool... I'm obsessed!"

Credit: Instagram/@jamiemakeup

Like Greenberg said, what's unique about these stickers is that they're not only super easy to use, they actually look like a believable, authentic cat-eye. (Related: 5 Makeup Tricks to Transform Your Look)

And here's the real kicker: It turns out the stickers can be re-used. In an Amazon Q&A, Haus Labs responded to a shopper's question about durability, saying: "You should be able to re-use a few times if you keep the original paper and re-attach them."

If you want to try the look yourself, Haus Labs recently posted a simple 2-step tutorial in an Instagram Story. All you have to do is apply the wing-tip sticker to the outer corner of the eye, then follow up with a liquid liner of your choice (FYI, Haus Labs Eye Armor Kit comes with the makeup line's best-selling Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner) to define the eye and connect the wing if you so choose (Greenberg and Cuoco skipped the second step in their IG Stories).

Credit: Instagram/@hauslabs

In addition to her obsession with Gaga's innovative eyeliner stickers, Cuoco said she thinks Haus Labs Le Riot Lip Gloss in Corset (Buy It, $18, and RIP Lip Liner in Myth (Buy It, $16, are "brilliant."

Credit: Instagram/@jamiemakeup

Cuoco's not the only A-lister loving Gaga's new makeup line. Last weekend, Maren MorrisSarah Hyland, and Leona Lewis all wore Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow Shimmer Powder (Buy It, $20, as well as the line's Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner (Buy It, $20, to the 2019 Emmys, courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendano. (Related: 10 Celebrity Hairstyles and Makeup Looks to Steal from the Red Carpet)

Whether you're glamming up for the Emmys red carpet or simply looking to perfect an everyday cat-eye, clearly there's something for everyone in Lady Gaga's new makeup line.


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