This $10 Product Has a Single Ingredient That 'Works Like Magic' for Lash Regrowth

Nearly 42,000 shoppers approve, and some say they notice a difference in just two weeks.

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Unless you've been naturally blessed, having long, fluttering eyelashes is a dream come true for almost anyone. While the obvious quick fixes — mascara, falsies, and extensions — can always get the job done in a pinch, the breakage and thinning that come with them can set beauty lovers back in their full lash goals. To make matters even more tragic, the most effective products often come with hefty price tags. This being said, there's one ingredient that's an unexpected affordable exception: castor oil. (Psst: These are the best oils for thicker hair.)

Loved for its hydrating effects, castor oil has long been considered a remedy for hair loss. In a previous interview, makeup artist Ivy Boyd told Shape that she saw her eyebrows and eyelashes grow thicker using castor oil, adding that this affordable alternative can "strengthen and nourish what you have." What's more, a 2021 study of blepharitis (a condition that causes lash loss due to inflamed oil glands) suggested topical castor oil may improve lash health and prevent thinning.

And when it comes to a quality castor oil serum for lash growth, nearly 42,000 shoppers have found success with the Kate Blanc Cosmetic Castor Oil (Buy It, $10, was $15, Complete with a precise glass dropper and lash spool, this cold-pressed serum can be easily applied like mascara. For rave-worthy results, reviewers who've used this oil for years recommend using it nightly; the brand itself suggests using less than one drop. (BTW: so many shoppers also recommend these eyelash serums.)

Castor Oil (2oz), USDA Certified Organic

Buy It: Kate Blanc Cosmetic Castor Oil, $10, was $15,

But the best part? Users swear they've seen lasting benefits. In fact, one reviewer even said it "works like magic" for filling out damaged lashes. One more shopper hoping to restore their once long, thick lashes began using this Kate Blanc serum "religiously," and within two weeks, noticed their lashes "growing and filling out again." Another user who lost their naturally full lashes to extensions also noted that in just a couple weeks, they saw "such an improvement." A fourth customer advised new users to "be patient," adding that since they started applying the serum on a daily basis, their "lashes, and even brows, are longer, thicker, and fuller."If you're looking to get healthier, dream-worthy lashes, this just might be the serum for you. Head to Amazon to scoop up a bottle for only $10 while it's still on sale.

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