Kate Hudson Uses This 'Dewy' Tinted Serum for Sun Protection

It's one of the many "clean" beauty products she's loving at the moment.

Kate Hudson Skincare
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If you've ever wondered how Kate Hudson gets that enviable glow, you're in luck. The actress and entrepreneur dropped some details about her skin-care routine, as well as the philosophy that guides her decisions when it comes to selecting products, in an interview with Glamour.

The key is using an array products that meet her skin's unique and ever-evolving needs. "I don't just use one product. I use so many different products, and every day my skin is doing something different, whether it's environmentally or hormonal," said Hudson. "I try things all the time, I don't know why I'm not a beauty blogger." (

She also focuses on finding "clean" product picks when possible, according to the recent interview. FYI, the "clean beauty" label can be a complicated one, as there is no singular definition, but brands generally claim this title if their products are free of certain chemicals, such as petroleum and phthalates. "No one had ever told me what was in my products," Hudson told Glamour, explaining that her interest in understanding more about the products she uses began 15 years ago.

"I decided, whatever I can control, I'm going to change the way that I approach it. And so skin care and makeup is number one," she said. However, she's not too strict on herself. "If I had to guess, for every 10 products I use that are clean, maybe one isn't 100 percent clean. I don't lie about things like that. Everything in moderation." (

While she often mixes up her "clean" routine, the star currently gives her stamp of approval to Ilia's fan-favorite Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, she told Glamour. It straddles the line between makeup and skin care to deliver both a short-term glow and long-term benefits to the skin. Bonus: It's earned a "clean" classification from both Ilia and major retailers, such as Sephora and Credo.

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Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

Ilia Beauty Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40
Ilia Beauty

"Part of my skin-care routine is always my SPF. I stay out of the sun. It's hard for me — I love the sun — but I try to be good about that," explained Hudson in the recent interview. "Lately, I usually use my makeup for sun protection. Ilia makes a really great tinted SPF 40. I love it," she added, calling it "super dewy."

The multi-hyphenate isn't the only person who swears by this lightweight skin tint. There are nearly 8,000 reviews on Ilia's site alone, and for good reason. The product contains niacinamide, which offers some incredible benefits for the skin, including protecting the skin barrier, sealing in moisture, and calming irritation. It also has plant-based squalane, which can help soften and moisturize skin, and hyaluronic acid, which is ultra-hydrating. Of course, the SPF is key too, as Hudson called out. The tinted serum contains SPF 40, and as experts (and the team at Shape) will tell you, wearing SPF daily is a must.

In addition to the active skin-care ingredients, the serum also provides light coverage with a radiant finish. It's just the thing to help you achieve Hudson's glowing skin and keep your makeup routine simple. Head to Ilia to grab a bottle today.

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