This Color-Depositing Conditioner Refreshes Your Hair Color Without a Trip to the Salon

It's received nearly 20,000 glowing reviews from shoppers on Amazon.

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Anyone who colors their hair — whether you're a platinum blonde, redhead, rich brunette, boosting your natural silver strands, or experimenting with bold hues like pink or teal — knows that maintenance is key. Some shades are known for fading fast, meaning once you commit to a color, you might also be signing up for a touch-up, glaze, or toner with your stylist every four to six weeks. Not only can booking these routine appointments be a hassle (who has time to sit in a chair for hours every month?), but they can also put a dent in your bank account.

Plus, if your salon is closed due to COVID-19, your stylist tends to book out way in advance, or you simply don't have the budget for professional color refreshes every month, you may be on the hunt for a temporary (or more permanent) solution. With so many products designed to help maintain color at home, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for your hair — especially if you want something that's not a huge commitment. (

Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have discovered Keracolor Clenditioner (Buy It, $22,, a 3-in-1 hair product that simultaneously cleanses, conditions, and colors. This color-depositing conditioner has a non-lathering formula that removes dirt and buildup while adding gorgeous color to maintain your vibrancy between salon visits or to temporarily change up your look when your mood strikes. Infused with keratin — which helps to smooth, add shine, and zap frizz — this conditioner is also vegan and free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients that could potentially dry out your tresses. Many reviewers reported that Keracolor Clenditioner left their hair silky, shiny, and much healthier-looking after each use.

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Buy It: Keracolor Clenditioner, $22,

Amazon shoppers can't get enough of this product, giving it nearly 20,000 positive reviews. They say it works wonders on every hair color, from platinum and brunette to red and silver. Plus, it comes stylist-recommended, and users swear it makes it look as though you just had a color refresh at the salon. Also worth some praise? One customer noted that it won't come off on your clothes, pillowcase, or towels.

One reviewer wrote: "This product is amazing! I used the honey color and it warmed up my yucky over processed blonde so well and helped my roots blend better! I worked & combed it thru small sections on dry hair and left it for about [an] hour. It smells nice, it was easy to work with, and my hair felt soft and healthy! Which is saying a lot for my severely damaged platinum bleached hair lol. Its buildable which I love! I can't wait to use this product again and mix with the copper for fall!!!"

"I'll be honest. When I read the reviews, I was nervous. Only because there were no reviews for my hair type. I'm 3C so for those that are natural and understand, my hair is very kinky curly. As a black woman, it's important I find products that work for my texture. I grabbed this to touch up my color and make it more vibrant so I don't have to always dye it. It worked amazingly. A great refresher for gingers wanting to boost their color and no crazy commitment," shared another customer.

"After making the transition from regularly coloring my hair to letting it go silver, I was still visiting the salon every six weeks for toner to keep it looking vibrant. I tried this product in the silver color, and no more salon! I've found that it works best on hair that's just very lightly dampened, and the fact that it doesn't lather takes some getting used to. BUT, your hair is clean, beautifully colored, and silky smooth after using. Did I mention that my daughter is my hair stylist? She likes the way my hair looks so much that her salon is looking into making it available to their customers. Can't say enough good things about this product!" raved another.

To use, apply a generous amount to hair, comb it through for even saturation, let it sit, and rinse thoroughly. Some reviewers noted that they let the product seep in for 5 minutes, while others left it on for 25 minutes and even a few hours while they cleaned their house. For maximum intensity, the brand recommends applying it to dry hair — and many customers agreed that this gives the best results. Depending on the tone you choose and the condition of your locks prior to use, your results could last 10-15 shampoos. (

Considering a bottle of Keracolor Clenditioner costs just $22, this is a heck of a lot cheaper than regular touch-ups with your stylist and could be a smart way to maintain your shade between salon visits (or while the COVID pandemic still has us staying at home). Add it to your cart stat.

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