Kardashian has partnered with new-to-the-U.S. brand Dose & Co. She credits the brand's collagen supplements with transforming her hair and skin.

By Renee Cherry
October 13, 2020
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Dose & Co.

The postpartum period can deliver its own set of annoyances. Changes in mood, hair loss, and hot flashes are some of the common effects of changes in hormones post-birth. (As if new moms need more to deal with, right?) Like many women, Khloé Kardashian decided to experiment with collagen supplements when she noticed hair loss after giving birth to her daughter, True.

"I breastfed but not for a really long time because I had difficulty breastfeeding," says Kardashian in an interview with Shape. "After, my hair was really thinning. It was falling out a lot and I noticed I had a bunch of, I guess 'pregnancy acne,' because all my hormones were changing."

That happens because, during pregnancy, your hormones rise to accommodate the right conditions for a healthy pregnancy, according to Annie Gonzalez, M.D., F.A.A.D., a dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology. "Hormones like estrogen and progesterone rise considerably, and this has the effect of reducing or halting the normal loss of hair," she says. (That's why you may have amazingly thick and healthy-looking hair while preggo!) "However, once you give birth, your body's hormones begin to normalize, and this causes hair to fall out, resulting in what we call postpartum hair loss," says Dr. Gonzalez. The rise in progesterone can also cause the secretion of more sebum (an oily, waxy substance) from oil glands in your skin, contributing to acne.

As a potential fix for these postpartum issues, Kardashian decided to give collagen a try to evaluate its supposed hair, skin, and nail benefits for herself. "I noticed a difference in my hair and my skin cleared up," she says. "I would say within 30 days I noticed a significant difference from incorporating collagen supplements into my daily routine."

Now, Kardashian has joined up with one of the brands that she tried out, Dose & Co., as a spokesperson and partner. With the company's launch in the U.S. today, she's spreading the word about why she continues to rely on Dose & Co., adding its pure collagen powder — "the hardcore stuff" — to her daily coffee and sprinkling it into recipes while baking with True.

Kardashian makes collagen sound like a game-changer, but can collagen supplements really have an effect on hair? Maybe yes, maybe no. More research is needed to prove that collagen can help counter postpartum hair loss, but it's generally safe to try, Dr. Gonzalez says.

"Postpartum hair loss generally lasts about a year, to varying degrees, and with different peaks per patient," says Dr. Gonzalez. "Collagen supplements are usually safe to consume, meaning they won't be detrimental to your health or hair growth efforts; however, more research is needed in order to establish its efficacy when it comes to preventing hair loss or restoring that which has already fallen out. Patients should consult with their doctor before taking collagen supplements to rule out any interactions with medications or supplements already in your daily regimen."

With that in mind, if you've you've received the all-clear from your doc and are looking to take collagen, you might want to look over Dose & Co.'s offerings. Some background: Brother and sister Ryan and Libby Matthews started the brand in New Zealand last year after Libby had an experience similar to Kardashian's.

"After I had my daughter, I suffered from really bad postpartum hair loss," she says. "My hair was just falling out in clumps and I tried every single supplement to stop my hair from falling out and nothing seemed to work. So I started taking collagen and that was the one thing that actually stopped my hair falling out. Not only that, but it also helped with my skin and it helped with my nails."

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A naturopath and nutritionist, Libby wanted the brand to reflect what she thought was missing from the supplements she'd been trying out. Dose & Co.'s pure collagen, pea protein, and creamer powders come in plastic-free packaging and don't contain artificial colors or flavors. Even the protein powders and creamer provide an especially high dose of collagen at 10 grams per serving. (For more, here's some info on how to find the right collagen dosage for you.)

If you're intrigued by Kardashian's story or just like the sound of Dose & Co.'s take on collagen, you can browse the brand's collagen on its own website, Target, and GNC.


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