Her customized facial involved an LED treatment and an ultra-luxurious sheet mask.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Hollywood To You / Star Max / Getty Images

There's no skin treatment that Kim Kardashian won't try for the sake of glowing skin. In addition to microdermabrasion and laser treatments, she's revealed her love of vampire facials and facial cupping in the past. Now, three days out from the Oscars, she shared a look at the new way she's prepping her skin on her Instagram story. (Next up: Kim Kardashian Uses a $9 Face Cleanser and She Suddenly Seems More Like Us)

Kardashian visited esthetician Joanna Czech, who customizes her facials based on how her client's skin is looking that day, using tech like cryotherapy, diamond exfoliation, and oxygen infusion. Czech thought KKW could benefit from some LED therapy. Kardashian posted a video of herself receiving the green LED treatment, which is thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits and can also help reduce redness as well as treat hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and dark circles. (In 2017, Kardashian revealed that she's used light therapy to treat her psoriasis with some success.)

Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian

Following the LED treatment, Kardashian had a double sheet mask situation going on. Czech applied 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask ($250, net-a-porter.com) to Kardashian's neck and chest. The hydrogel mask is as bougie as it sounds; in addition to its hydrating properties, the mask contains powerful anti-aging ingredients retinol, progeline (a peptide), and actual black diamond particles, which may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On her face, Kardashian wore the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Treatment ($160, dermstore.com). The mask is formulated with licorice root extract, silk amino acids, and centella asiatica, an herb that reportedly boosts collagen production.

Kardashian didn't share any other footage from her treatment but she also tagged Cle de Peau-and Czech recently posted a photo of Cle de Peau 3-step Illuminating Concentrate to Instagram, writing that she loves "using this mask on clients before a red carpet event or special night out." Make of that what you will.

While we don't all have access to celeb estheticians, luckily, LED masks and devices are out there for at-home use at a fraction of the cost. (This Photon Beauty Mask has a green LED setting so you can try out the tech KKW used for yourself.) And while $400-plus for exact sheet masks used in the video might be out of your monthly sheet mask budget (that's a thing, right?), you can take a page out of her book with these cheaper, celeb-approved mask alternatives the next time you need to get ready for a big night out-or you know, while you watch the Oscars with a glass of wine.

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