This Works is the clean, cruelty-free beauty brand celebrities have been loving.

By Renee Cherry
October 15, 2019
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Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon
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With any given type of beauty product, you've got tons of options–even with something as niche as small-batch, vegan, cruelty-free moisturizers. So if you're prone to decision fatigue, there's an obvious appeal to a beauty brand called "This Works." Even better: The brand actually lives up to its name, judging by its A-list fanbase.

This Works sells clean beauty products, all designed to enhance your skin's natural protective functions as well as its nightly repair and renewal process. Founded in the early aughts by Vogue alum Kathy Phillips, it's since become a celebrity-loved brand. Kim Kardashian West has included This Works In Transit No Traces (Buy It, $31, when showcasing her morning skin-care routine on Snapchat, noting that she's a sucker for anything that smells like rose. The rosewater and mint cleansing pads are made to wipe away makeup and daily pollution. (Related: Kim Kardashian Is a Fan of This $30 Glycolic Acid Toner That You Can Pick Up at Target)

Victoria Beckham has raved about This Works In Transit Camera Closeup (Buy It, $55, on Twitter, writing: "This does work! @thisworks amazing!!!" The three-in-one product has the potential to let you seriously pair down your makeup bag. It's a mask, moisturizer, and primer with hyaluronic acid and caffeine that's meant to prepare your skin to look its best in photos. (Related: The Exact Skincare Products Victoria Beckham Uses Every Day for Glowing Skin)


Yet another celebrity fan, Reese Witherspoon told People that she couldn't live without This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (Buy It, $53, "This is one of my favorite new products," she said. "It just warms up your skin tone a little bit and moisturizes at the same time, but it's not thick, like body makeup. It's really lightweight and subtle." The serum gives a little coverage for those days when you want to give your legs a glow without opting for full-on fake tanner.

Interestingly enough, the brand's biggest standout with non-famous fans isn't a skin product but a sleep aid: This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (Buy It, $22, Since science suggests beauty sleep is a real thing, it can definitely be categorized as a beauty product along with the rest of This Works' sleep products. "I sleep like a baby now! Thisworks deep sleep pillow spray is magic!" one person wrote in a review on the company's Facebook.

"[I] can quite honestly say the sleep spray and roll on have changed my life," another reviewer wrote about the bestseller. "[I] have struggled to sleep for years and the quality of my sleep wasn't good. The spray has changed that for me. I now fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up feeling like I've actually been asleep!" (Related: All the Products You Need for Better Sleep, According to a Sleep Snob)

Whether you want to save future you from sleepless nights or are intrigued by Posh's photo-prep moisturizer, you can shop the full line at


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