I Tried the Celebrity-Approved Face Mask Charged with Reiki Energy

KNESKO's skin-care products incorporate gemstones and reiki energy — here's what they're like.

KNESKO Rose Quartz Kit
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Until recently, I equated the words "beauty comes from within" with drinking a lot of water throughout the day and "eating the rainbow." But the skin-care brand KNESKO clued me in on another thing that might be able to make someone ~radiate~ beauty: energy healing. That concept inspires KNESKO's products, which are intended to not only treat your skin but balance your energy centers.

KNESKO's offerings — which have earned approval from celebrity fans like Ashley Graham and Kate Upton — are all charged with reiki energy by founder and reiki master Lejla Cas. Pre-COVID, she would head to a warehouse each time a new shipment arrived and perform distant healing symbols to charge the masks. (You don't need to be physically near someone to receive reiki. Distance reiki allows practitioners to send reiki energy through time and space, says Cas.) Since the start of the pandemic, Cas has started offering daily distance reiki to anyone who sends their name via DM to the KNESKO Instagram. (

Cas' products also incorporate gemstones — with the masks, the gemstones are finely ground and added to the serum. "Depending on which gemstones you use, they really help to deliver serum even deeper into the skin," Cas says. "But on the metaphysical side, they help to balance the energy centers."

I wanted to see for myself, so I tried out the rose quartz kit, which is meant to activate the heart chakra, sparking self-love.

For context, I have little familiarity with reiki healing and crystals and don't understand how energy works. I was kind of relieved when Cas told me that KNESKO products are meant to suit everyone, even those who think of them as skin care and nothing more. "We are a skin-care brand, and the number one priority for us is creating a treatment with results that people will visually see," she says. The rose quartz mask serum contains ingredients like brightening vitamin C and licorice root extract, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Each face mask comes with an entire ounce of serum, so you can save the excess to apply all over your body. I saved it in a shot glass to use on my face later because that ish is pricey.

The kit comes with a face mask, eye mask, and facial roller. It also includes a set of instructions and a mantra you can choose to repeat while looking in the mirror (which, in the rose quartz set, is "I am love").

I asked Cas what else I should do to really get the most out of the experience. She said, "Follow your intuition," whether that means reading a book, unwinding while watching Netflix, whatever floats your boat. (

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KNESKO Skin Rose Quartz Antioxidant Discovery Kit

KNESKO Rose Quartz Set

My intuition said to create a little meditation zone in my apartment on a weekend morning before my roommates were up. The night before, I stuck the rose quartz mask in my fridge (just for the pleasant cooling sensation — there's technically no added benefit to keeping skin-care products cold), I messaged the KNESKO Instagram, and Cas confirmed that she'd send me distance reiki. In the morning, I lit some scented candles, cued some meditation music, applied the chilled mask, and perched myself on a cushion. (

Thirty minutes later, I felt a sense of balance that I carried throughout the day. Whether that was an effect of the reiki energy or solely due to the fact that I'd carved out some me-time I couldn't tell you, but I'll take comfort wherever I can get it in 2020. As for the skin-care benefits, my face felt soothed and hydrated to a greater extent than I ever notice from run-of-the-mill sheet masks.

I might not be shouting "I am love!" from the rooftops just yet, but the experience left me with a new love of luxurious morning rituals.

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