This $8 Exfoliating Washcloth Removes Dead Skin Like No Other

The internet has spoken: The Italy towel is the best washcloth for exfoliating, hands down.

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Italy Towels
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If you've ever visited a Korean spa for a full body scrub, then you know the satisfaction of having someone slough away all your dead skin cells. And whether you're a fan of the treatments or would never pay to have someone aggressively scrub your every crevice, there's good news: you can buy the same exfoliating washcloths that are used at Korean spas.

If your goal is an exceptional at-home exfoliation, an Italy towel (Buy It, $8, is your best friend. (

The washcloths were originally made from viscose fabric (a semi-synthetic type of rayon) sourced from Italy, which is where the name comes from. The towel is more abrasive than your average washcloth, making it ideal for exfoliation. Korean spa scrub treatments incorporate steam first, to prep the skin and allow the Italy towel to really do its job, says Esther Cha, marketing manager at SOJO Spa Club and avid Italy towel user. "It's definitely a vigorous treatment but it's also a treatment that produces results," she says. "You'll have noticeably softer skin as soon as you walk out. For many in Korea, it's just another part in their overall wellness and skincare routine."

To get the effect at home, Cha recommends using one at the end of a steamy shower no more than once a week. Wet the washcloth, then use it to scrub your body in up and down motions. You might notice gray eraser shaving-like residue, a product of the approximately 50 million skin cells (yes, 50,000,000) you lose daily. Since the washcloths are made of viscose, you can pop them in the laundry with your towels once you're done and then reuse them. You can even scrub your own back with a long exfoliating washcloth (Buy It, $9, that comes with handles so you can reach those difficult spots.

If you want a visual of how well these exfoliating cloths work, you can see one in action in a popular TikTok. User @opulentjade posted a video of themselves using one, complete with closeups of the dead skin they removed. "I could make a mini me from the amount of skin that came off, but oh my God, look how smooth!" they said in their voiceover. (

You can also read detailed descriptions of the exfoliating body washcloth on Amazon, where it has over 10,000 reviews. "I took a hot shower for about 15 minutes and went to town scrubbing all around while my skin peeled away like I was some sort of snake being rebirthed," one person wrote. "And like a snake being rebirthed, I came out with a new shell of stupidly soft skin that made me feel the most clean that I ever have."

Redditors have likewise been sharing their love of Italy towels. One person wrote that post-scrub, their skin "is RADIANT, I am smooth and slippery like a SEXY EEL." They continued: "[An Italy towels is] a small, abrasive cloth that buffs away all your bad grades, terrible exes, and ill-advised decisions. Also your dead skin. Not only does it exfoliate, you can SEE your sins falling right off your skin in the form of GROSS ASS GREY WORMS." (

Maybe you're aiming for a major exfoliation before applying fake tan or just love a deep clean experience—either way, an exfoliating washcloth can go above and beyond. When body scrubs aren't enough, they're likely to do the trick.

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