This multitasking eye mask tackles signs of fatigue and aging.

By By Jaime Osnato
March 29, 2019
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Photo: Anthony DelMundo/Getty Images

As a businesswoman, reality star, and mom of three, Kristin Cavallari balances a hella hectic schedule, which means she can't spend hours on her daily beauty routine. But Cavallari still make sure to squeeze in a little time between packing school lunches and running her jewelry brand, Uncommon James, to keep her skin-care game on point.

The always-on-the-go mom crams in a sweat sesh before her kids wake up, so needless to say she doesn't always get as much sleep as she wants-but you'd never catch her with dark circles or puffy eyes. To stay refreshed and camera ready, Cavallari relies on 111SKIN's Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask (Buy It, $105,

"If I'm filming my show that day, I'm going to have on 111 Eye Masks just to kind of de-puff," she shared in a recent video for Yahoo!Lifestyle. (FYI, it's the same brand that Ashley Graham uses before an event for brighter, more hydrated skin.)

The skin around your eyes is the first to take a beating when you're dead tired. But Cavallari's cooling hydrogel eye mask pick will have you looking like you've just returned from a restful vacay in the Maldives.

That's because it packs a powerful punch of fatigue-fighting and anti-aging ingredients. Formulated with the peptide Eyeseryl, the eye mask lightens dark circles and reduces puffiness by preventing liquid from accumulating under your eyes. Plus, it blocks collagen breakdown to increase your skin's elasticity, keeping those dreaded eye bags at bay.

The second impressive, multipurpose ingredient in this must-have eye mask is a natural marine complex called Phyco'derm. Crafted with seaweed extracts and glycerin, it not only alleviates inflammation, fades dark circles, and enhances skin's luminosity, but also combats environmental pollutants, dryness, and crow's feet.

But that's not the end of this eye mask's all-star lineup of ingredients. Cavallari's go-to product also includes the natural compound CoQ10, which protects your skin against harmful external stressors, decreases oxidative damage caused by UV rays, and improves wrinkles. And, topping off the list of potent skin protectors are the powerful antioxidant and free radical fighter vitamin E, plus castor oil, a vegetable oil rich in fatty acids that softens and hydrates skin.

Besides the dream team of skin-care ingredients, what Cavallari loves about these eye masks is the get-up-and-go convenience. The multitasking mom wears them around the house while she checks emails and readies her kiddies for school. But if you're looking for a more pampered, chill eye mask experience, just pop them in the fridge beforehand for a relaxing, cooling sensation. #DIYHomeSpaDay.

One reviewer writes: "This product worked miracles within 20 minutes. I put them on while I was doing my hair for an event and couldn't believe the difference." Another gushes: "I've used similar eye masks before which didn't deliver much. But these are amazing! My eyes looked like I'd been sleeping for the last 10 years-refreshed, YOUNGER. In love … OK, expensive. But worth it."

At $105, this luxury product is definitely a splurge, but one package comes with eight pairs and according to fans of the product, each one is worth every anti-aging, de-puffing penny.