Shoppers Say This Razor Burn Treatment Is the 'Best Thing to Happen' to Their Bikini Lines

The treatment stops razor burn, ingrown hairs, and discoloration without harsh ingredients.

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I get a weird pleasure from the silky, smooth skin left behind after waxing or shaving, but it's always short-lived. My skin starts to sprout painful bumps on my upper thighs, bikini line, and underarms within days of hair removal. The next thing I know, I'm dealing with a minefield of ingrown hairs that no amount of exfoliating can resolve. The painful cycle led me on a search for the best razor burn treatments — and to the discovery of a cream that shoppers say stands leagues above the rest.

The Kubra Kay Razor Relief (Buy It, $30, is a best-selling treatment developed to stop razor burn and ingrown hairs after waxing, shaving, or epilating. Its potent yet gentle formula combines anti-inflammatory tea tree oil and exfoliating glycolic acid into a fast-absorbing cream that's safe to use on your face and body, including the bikini line. And it works: Reviewers say it's the "only product" they've found that actually "prevents and gets rid of razor bumps" on their bikini lines. (Reduce your risk of razor burn by trying these top-rated bikini trimmers.)

"When I say my life has changed, I mean it," wrote a customer. "I always had awful red and irritated bumps after shaving. This has done wonders!"

Another agreed, saying "I'm not even being dramatic when I say that this is the best thing to happen to my bikini line. I used to be embarrassed to wear underwear around the house — much less wear a bikini out on the beach or by the pool — because of large ingrown hairs and discoloration...I use this with a cotton pad twice a day after showering, and can literally see dead skin being removed."

Altogether, the treatment has accumulated more than 100 five-star reviews. While that may not seem like a lot compared to the number of reviews left for products on massive retailer sites, the cream is made by a small business owned by Khadidja Toure. The biomedical engineer grew up creating DIY recipes with her mother to treat skin concerns, according to the brand's website. After traveling, she realized many of the West African ingredients her mother swore by, including shea butter, were also integral to beauty products worldwide. Toure launched her clean beauty brand Kubra Kay in 2019, and its lineup quickly attracted devoted fans. (

Kubra Kay Skincare Relieft

Buy It: Kubra Kay Razor Relief, $30;

It's not hard to see why the Razor Relief has become so popular. The 4-ounce moisturizer costs less than $30 and offers benefits beyond just fewer ingrown hairs. Its soothing formula also packs turmeric, which the brand's website says can help with discoloration and scarring. Users confirm that statement, with one person revealing that the cream actually got rid of 60 percent of their preexisting hyperpigmentation. (BTW, here's how experts suggest dealing with hyperpigmentation.)

Similarly, one reviewer called the cream a "savior" for anyone with folliculitis. They said it worked better than any "cream or shampoo from the dermatologist," adding that the "majority of the painful, blistering bumps crusted over and were gone" within days. Even better, the treatment is fast-acting. Some customers saw changes in just three days — and razor burn completely disappeared after two weeks of daily use.

Needless to say, the convincing testimonials were the only justification I needed to add a jar to my cart. With a Brazilian wax appointment coming up later this week, I'm optimistic that this razor burn cream will put an end to my painful cycle of ingrown hairs — and you'll see my glowing review alongside the rest.

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