The La Prairie Pure Gold Collection Couldn't Be More Lavish

The luxury skin-care brand's newest products incorporate gold particles to revive dull, dry skin.

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Photo: La Prairie

Jewelry isn't the only way to add touches of gold to your life. With La Prairie's latest launch — La Prairie Pure Gold — you can now incorporate the metal in your skin-care routine.

Inspired by the beauty of golden hour in the Swiss Alps (the brand started in Switzerland, ICYDK), the launch includes three products, the La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Cream (Buy It, $850,, Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate (Buy It, $850,, and Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream (Buy It, $635, — all of which boast an incredibly rich, luxurious texture. All three boast incredibly rich, luxurious textures and feature, you guessed it, gold.

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Cream

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Cream
Neiman Marcus

The inclusion of gold in the formulas was more than just an effort to make the collection sound fancy. Gold is known for its reflective properties, which is why you may have seen someone holding up a gold reflector while a photographer takes photos nearby — the disk is meant to impart a warm glow on the subject. And that's due in part to the fact that the metal absorbs more blue light than red and yellow. The gold particles in La Prairie Pure Gold products are meant to bring those reflective properties to the surface of your skin, creating a lit-from-within glow when light hits your face. (

Gold also factored into a new "Pure Gold Diffusion System," a time-controlled release system that the brand developed exclusively for the products. In submicron (read: very small) gold particles, there are surface-level atoms that can bind to other ingredients, according to a press release from the brand. In the Pure Gold formulas, these teeny, tiny atoms bind with polyphenols and peptides, which are then naturally released in a time-controlled manner upon interacting with specific molecules in the skin. The result? A steady delivery of the items' skin-enhancing actives, which can be particularly good for dull, severely dry, and fragile skin, according to the press release. (

Along with the launch, La Prairie commissioned artist Carla Chan to create an installation also inspired by the golden hour at the crown of the Swiss Alps that appeared at the contemporary art fair, Frieze New York. The Pure Gold products are packaged in Bauhaus-inspired (think: the arts and crafts meets modernism) refillable gold containers that are showpieces in and of themselves.

If you're ready to slather your skin with the gold-laced formulas and you have a generous skin-care budget, you can shop the products now on the La Prairie or Neiman Marcus websites.

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