It will be the first major beauty brand sold exclusively on Amazon.

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It's been over a year since, a blank website, made its debut on the Internet. Fans were quick to assume that the site was associated with Lady Gaga in some way. Turns out, they were 100% right.

Today, if you type that URL into your search bar today, it redirects you to, Gaga's first makeup line that she's currently touting all over social media.

Just hours ago, the Grammy-award winner posted a video of herself alongside an eclectic group of models all dancing in glittery makeup.

She followed that with another post featuring a heartfelt message about what makeup has meant to her throughout her life.

"When I was young, I never felt beautiful," she wrote. "And as I struggled to find a sense of both inner and outer beauty, I discovered the power of makeup." (Related: Lady Gaga Has the Perfect Response to Body-Shaming Twitter Trolls)

"I found the superhero within me by looking in the mirror and seeing who I wanted to be," she continued. "Sometimes beauty doesn't come naturally from within. But I'm so grateful that makeup inspired bravery in me I didn't know I had."

Gaga's line will be all about inclusivity and celebrating all forms of beauty. "No message of self-acceptance, no deal," she told Business of Fashion in an exclusive interview. “I have a platform in the world. God gave me this voice for a reason, I don’t know why, I ask myself that question all the time, but I’m sure as hell not going to put out a beauty brand that is going to drive insecurity and fear into people. This is about liberation.”

The line itself will reportedly include multi-use color products for cheeks, eyes, and lips in six shades. You'll also be able to purchase a kit containing all three products for $49.

The best part? Gaga has partnered with Amazon, which will launch Haus in nine countries (including the US, France, and Japan) simultaneously. It will become the first major beauty brand sold exclusively on Amazon. (Did you know that Amazon launched Belei, its first-ever skin-care line?)

While items from Haus Labs won't be available for purchase until September, you'll be able to start pre-ordering on July 15th. (Brb, marking our cals.)


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