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Using Lip Gloss As Eye Shadow Is the New Makeup Trend You Should Totally Try

One of the freshest makeup trends for spring? Glossy lids. "They're trending in almost every editorial," says makeup artist Shay Garcia. Good news is, unlike other trends you see in the pages of magazines, this look is actually wearable. And yes, it's as easy as applying the same gloss you use on your lips to your lids, letting your natural eyelids shine through, Garcia says. You can also apply it on top of your normal eyeshadow to add texture. (P.S. Here's how to get an ombre-inspired lip.) 

Here's how to get the full look in five minutes:

1. Apply concealer under eyes and wherever else needed.

2. Shade in the hollows of cheek bones to create a contour. Use a highlighting shade under the eyes to set concealer. 

3. Apply mascara to lashes from base to tip. 

4. Apply lipstick all over lips. (Garcia used Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick in Fig, $21;

5. Apply lip gloss to eyelids. (Garcia used Smashbox Cosmetics O-Gloss, $24;


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