Getting ready is about to be so low maintenance.

By Erin Reimel
November 22, 2019
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Let’s face it: maintaining your beauty routine can be expensive and overwhelming. (10-step Korean beauty skincare! All the hair removal! Blow-outs!) But investing in treatments that deliver long-term results allow you to hit up the salon less—and shave minutes off your daily regimen. Sounds pretty good right? Try these five procedures to look great with minimal upkeep. Trust, getting ready every morning will be so low maintenance.

Mascara ➡ Lash extensions

Lasts for: 6 weeks

Cost: $100-500

Longer and fuller eyelashes make a surprisingly profound difference in your look. “Extensions can lift and open your eyes so well that many clients skip eye makeup altogether,” says celeb lash expert Clementina Richardson. (Related: What You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions)

You’ll need to keep your eyes closed throughout the one- to two-hour process. “We carefully apply individual lashes to your natural lashes with semi-permanent glue, customizing them to your particular eye shape,” Richardson says. Afterward, avoid wetting lashes for 48 hours, and steer clear of oil-based products, which loosen the glue. Do apply a lash conditioner nightly to keep them strong. (Related: What's In Your Eyelash Growth Serum?)

Hot Tools ➡ Semipermanent Waves

Lasts for: 6 months

Cost: $50-250

The word perm brings to mind scary images of tight ’80s curls, but the new “wave perm” is the secret to waking up with perfectly textured hair every day. “This treatment can be transformative or just enhance what you already have,” celebrity stylist Mara Roszak says. It’s customizable: “The stylist examines the hair’s texture and health to determine how long to keep the solution on,” says stylist Nunzio Saviano, a Shape Brain Trust member. Depending on that, the results can range from beachy waves to voluminous curls that make hair look fuller.

These new perm formulas are much milder than those from decades ago, so they leave hair less damaged. Plus, the rods used to create the curls vary in size for a more natural, less uniform-looking style. The process takes two hours, but it saves you a significant amount of styling time every day. After showering, comb damp hair, apply an anti-frizz spray like Davines OI All in One Milk (Buy It, $35,, and then leave it untouched to air-dry. If waves get flattened overnight, lightly spritz hair with a spray bottle of water, then scrunch to refresh the look, Saviano says. That’s it!

Brown Pencil ➡ Brow Tint

Lasts for: 4 to 6 weeks

Cost: $30+

If you have light-colored eyebrows, you may spend a good five minutes every morning filling them in with pencils and powders. Skip that with a brow-tint service, which colors the hair with semipermanent dye to keep brows bold all month. “Because the dye tints even your blondest hair, brows look so much fuller,” says brow specialist Joey Healy, who warns that regular hair dye often looks too dark. “I use vegetable-based dyes for a more natural result,” he says. (If you're just looking for a new brow product, try these faves.)

Highlights ➡ Root Shadow

Lasts for: 8 weeks

Costs: $65+

If you like to go lighter and brighter, then you’re well acquainted with the regrowth line at your part, which sends you back to the salon every few weeks. Here’s a new way to delay those visits, according to hair colorist Rachel Bodt: Ask for a root shadow.

“Your colorist will apply a gloss that’s close to your natural color on the first inch of your roots. This softens the demarcation line, so it’s much less noticeable,” she says. The process takes about 30 minutes, plus time to dry and style your hair. “I have clients who come in every two months for a root shadow touch-up and then only get highlights twice a year,” Bodt says. (More here: How to Make Your Hair Color Last When You Work Out a Lot)

Foundation/Highlighter ➡ Botox or Jeuveau

Lasts: 3 to 4 months

Costs: $350+ per area

As soon as you see a fine line remain when your face is at rest, you can begin to treat the area with a botulinum toxin like Botox or the recently FDA-approved Jeuveau. “These products relax the muscles that are continually contracting, so the lines never get a chance to deepen and faint lines will soon smooth out,” says Ava Shamban, M.D., a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. Injections take a few minutes; the neurotoxin begins to work in about a week. That’s when you may notice smaller pore sizes and, because light reflects more evenly off your smoother skin, a nice glow.

Now optional: your foundation and highlighter steps. Botox has also been reported to reduce oil production in the skin, says Dr. Shamban, who can inject the neurotoxin into your T-zone so you can spend less time blotting or fixing melted makeup and more time living life. (Related: Can Scalp Botox Save Your Blowout?)

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