These Celeb-Approved Brightening Sheet Masks Are Designed to Actually Stay On Your Face

Creative director Emily Ratajkowski, along with Camila Mendes and Serena Williams, are fans of Loops Beauty’s game-changing masks.  

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February is upon us, and you may have already fallen into a post-holiday slump. Between cold weather, ill-fated New Year's resolutions, and ever-changing COVID-19 policies, who could blame you? So, in honor of self-care and skin care, let's briefly pause from talking about face masks (i.e. N95s) to talk about the other kind of face masks, specifically ones that a slew of celebrities can't get enough of. (BTW: If you're looking for more celeb skin-care recommendations, this is for you.)

If you haven't already seen the Loops Beauty Face Mask (Buy It, $35, making its rounds on TikTok, here's the lowdown: With supermodel Emily Ratajkowski as the brand's creative director, Loops has already garnered a loyal following for its effective and easy-to-use sheet masks. Other A-lister fans include Camila Mendes, who showed off the Loops Weekly Reset anti-aging mask in a recent Instagram post, and Serena Williams, who also took to the platform to show followers how to use Loops' de-puffing under eye mask.

Loops Variety Loop Face Mask Set

Buy It: Variety Loop Face Mask 5-Count Set, $35,

Individually wrapped to preserve moisture, each Loops mask is formulated with unique ingredients to target an array of skin concerns. For instance, the Sunrise Service mask (Buy It: $35, combines antioxidant-rich pumpkin extract and hydrating baobab oil into one brightening formula that would make a great addition to any morning skin-care routine. If you want to end your day with some "me" time, look to the Night Shift mask (Buy It: $35,, which is designed to firm, moisturize, and calm sun damage with a soothing blend of cactus extract and collagen. And if your goal is to minimize the appearance of wrinkles while still keeping your regimen simple, the Weekly Reset mask (Buy It: $7, pairs honey extract with anti-sebum complex to replenish skin and smooth signs of aging.

But what makes Loops stand out from other sheet masks is the plush, no-slip design. "Sheet masks traditionally slide off your face and that's annoying," Ratajkowski said in a 2020 interview with Byrdie. "I can't lay like a mummy all the time. I have things to do, especially in the mornings…Now with Loops, I can do masks in a lot of different environments and in my life. I never thought of masks in that way before."

Swapping out traditional paper sheets for Korean hydrogel technology, each Loops mask has a textured interior that gently sticks to skin, allowing users to move about while the serums work their magic. (Can't have enough face masks? Check out this list of dermatologist-approved options.)

One reviewer on Ulta confirms that the mask lives up to its non-slip promise. "Actually fits my face and doesn't slip off. You truly get what you pay for 10/10 amazing," they wrote. "Loved this mask, hydrates but didn't hurt my acne-prone skin! 10/10 recommend!!" said another user of the Loops Clean Slate mask (Buy It: $35,

Individual face masks are available for $7, but for $35, you can try all five in a variety pack that includes all of the formulas mentioned above. There's no telling how long these Hollywood-approved masks will stay in stock — especially since a bunch of them are currently only sold online — so grab yours now at Ulta.

Loops Night Shift Face Mask Set

Buy It: Night Shift 5-Count Face Mask Set, $35,

Loops Double Take Face Mask Set

Buy It: Double Take 5-Count Face Mask Set, $35,

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