Shoppers Say This $4 Heat Protectant Spray Is a 'Miracle In a Bottle' for Your Hair

It protects, straightens, and leaves hair sleek for up to three days.

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Let's be honest: Heat protectant sprays might not be at the top of your hair care list, and it's pretty common to forget to use one. But the good news is, landing on a heat protector doesn't have to take hours of searching. Amazon shoppers found one of the best heat protectant sprays that leaves hair protected, straight, and silky for up to three days.

If you're wondering what, exactly, a heat protectant spray even does or why you really do need one, it acts as a barrier between the heat of your hair tools and your strands. Without it, the follicle of your hair is entirely exposed to high heat without a buffer, which can cause serious damage. Hair protectants help reduce the risk of frying your hair with the blow dryer or curling iron and also help prevent frizz and keep hair straight.

L'Oréal's Advanced Heatspray (Buy It, $4, claims to provide sleek hair for up to three (!) days. Customers say it not only leaves your hair with a flawless finish, but it also protects strands from hot tools at up to 450 degrees. The lightweight spray helps to straighten hair faster and leaves each strand silky and lightweight. The heat spray also works hard to lock out humidity, and it's extra convenient in that you can use the spray on damp or dry hair.


Buy It: L'Oréal Advanced Heatspray, $4, was $5,

With more than 26,000 five-star ratings, shoppers clearly love the results. It's a "miracle in a bottle," said one reviewer. "Okay, this is literally my first review on Amazon ever. But I was so blown away by this product that I had to leave a review. First off, I blow dry and flat iron my hair pretty much every time I take a shower. Usually, my hair isn't bad, but I noticed it was starting to get dry."

The shopper continues to explain that they use the spray on damp hair before using hot tools. "I blow dry and flat iron, and I have healthy-looking, silky smooth hair for days," they report. "I was speechless. I will forever buy this product. And it's only four freaking bucks!"

Another shopper writes, "Do you want your sometimes frizzy and flyaway hair to be scared straight? Do you want it to hold up to Texas heat and humidity? This is that product! It makes my blowout last two to three days, and doesn't get all greasy."

"It tames my blow dry flyaways," shares another reviewer. "My stylist recommended this product. I love how sleek my hair feels after I blow dry it! I am one of those people who gets frizzy hair from almost any blow dry situation, and this fixes it. I love this product and cannot believe how well it performs, especially for the price!"

Make sure you snag L'Oréal's Advanced Heatspray for the sleekest and straightest hair that lasts for days — and hurry because it's just $4 on Amazon right now.

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