Love Your Glow? Make it Last!


I used face self-tanner all summer. How can I tweak my "tan" so it looks realistic leading into fall?

A. The easiest way to get a seasonally appropriate glow is with a sheer bronzer, not a self-tanner. Instead of temporarily tinting the outer layer of skin (as self-tanners do), bronzers are meant to be applied like makeup. For the most natural look, apply them to the areas where the sun would typically hit -- your hairline, the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones and along your jaw line, says Arianne Damboise, a San Francisco-based celebrity makeup artist. To find the perfect bronzer formula for you:

Know your needs. Powder bronzers are best for normal/combination skin; they're lightweight and can be worn alone or over foundation. Apply with a large, full powder brush (like the Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush, $28; We love: Bourjois Delice De Poudre ($18; and L'Oreal Glam Bronze All-Over Loose Highlighting Powder ($12; at drugstores). If your skin is dry, try a liquid or gel bronzer instead. They're best worn in place of foundation (doubling up may leave you with an overdose of midday shine). The best way to apply it is with your fingers; your body heat warms the liquid, helping it to spread easier for sheer results. Best bet: Benefit Glamazon bronzing liquid ($26;

Find the best hue for your skin tone. If you're fair, pick a bronzer with a brownish-pink tinge. Olive or dark complexions are better off with golden-hued bronzers.

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