The activewear giant is dipping its toe into the quickly expanding self-care and beauty markets.

By Alyssa Sparacino
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lululemon beauty products

As if you needed another reason to drop an embarrassingly large chunk of your paycheck at lululemon, the athleisure brand just dropped four post-workout products that are going to become staples in gym bags everywhere.

The new dual-gender self-care products include a "No-Show" dry shampoo (Buy It, $34 for full-size; $18 for travel-size), an "Anti-Stink" deodorant (Buy It, $18 for full-size; $12 for travel-size), a "Sweat Reset" face moisturizer (Buy It, $48 for full-size; $28 for travel-size), and a "Basic Balm" lip balm (Buy It, $14).

The lululemon team designed these personal care products because they combat some of the most common workout "side effects"—from sweaty HIIT hair to hot yoga tomato face.

"Over the years, we've heard the feedback that transitioning from sweat to life isn't always easy," said Sun Choe, the brand's chief product officer, in a press release. "Like our apparel, lululemon Selfcare has been designed with function at its core and created to support guests pre- and post-workout."

Plus, everything has been sweat-tested by athletes, so you know it works.

The dry shampoo contains tapioca starch to naturally absorb oil. But the hands-down best aspect of this aluminum-free spray: Its non-whitening formula, which works for all hair colors—meaning no more sticky, gray-white "roots"!

The spray deodorant comes in two scents—aloe lotus and black pepper sandalwood—and offers a cooling sensation to perfect your post-workout cool-down. Ingredients include coconut oil for smooth skin and prebiotics to curb the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

When you're sweaty, the last thing you might think you need is more moisture. But your skin just lost a lot of valuable electrolytes, and the weightless gel formula of lululemon's moisturizer cleans, calms, and hydrates for a heavenly feeling on your flushed, dehydrated skin. Bonus: It's derm-approved to use on sensitive skin. (Related: Skin-Care Products Dermatologists Swear By)

Last but not least, with the basic balm, you'll be able to avoid the panic that sets in when you're locked into the bike in the middle of a spin class only to realize you've been licking your chapped, dry lips and your balm is packed away in your locker. The shea butter and organic beeswax in the squeeze-tube balm will keep lips hydrated, while its jojoba oil restores and soothes your pout.

The new line is lululemon's first step into the self-care beauty category. In 2017, self-care was a booming $400 billion industry, according to IRi, a data analytics marketing company. That same year, personal care and beauty were reported to be a $1,083 billion business, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Bottom line: If it comes from the brand that brought you fan-favorites like the Zoned In tight, the Like Nothing bra, and the City Adventurer backpack, you know it's going to be good. Here's hoping there's more where this came from.

The self-care products are available today at and in select lululemon stores and fitness studio partners, as well as Bonus: Each product got Sephora's "Clean at Sephora" stamp of approval, certifying that they're free of ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, which can be potentially irritating to some people. (Find more of the best clean beauty products you can buy at Sephora, as well as the difference between natural and clean beauty products.)