Shoppers Say This Acne-Fighting Tea Tree Oil Cream Is 'Magic for Skin'

It offers “amazingly soft skin and acne clearing in record time.”

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Have you ever been so determined to clear your acne, you feel like you would literally try anything? Many acne sufferers know the feeling. Unfortunately, it's hard to know which products will do the trick, especially when it comes to moisturizers. Some creams are too thick, and can clog pores even more, and others create excess oil, setting the foundation for more breakouts. However, there's one simple ingredient that's tough at fighting acne without all the stressful side effects: tea tree oil.

Although labeled as an essential oil, tea tree oil is "a valuable resource for eradicating a pimple — the natural antibacterial properties in tea tree oil will knock acne bacteria out," Shape reported. Majestic Pure's Tea Tree Oil Cream (Buy It, $10, has been shocking Amazon customers over and over with its efficacy. Many described the product as "magical" and "the holy grail."

According to reviews, Majestic's cream calms redness, swelling, and irritation associated with painful breakouts. After it soothes the skin, it helps to heal skin properly so that it doesn't leave behind scars and dark marks. (


Buy It: Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Cream, $10,

In addition to clearing up acne, the cream also deeply hydrates the skin with ceramides, which are lipids naturally found in your skin barrier.

"If the skin cells are the 'bricks,' you can think of ceramides (along with cholesterol and fatty acids) as the 'mortar' that holds them together to form a protective layer," David Lortscher, M.D., dermatologist and CEO and founder of Curology previously told Shape. They also seal moisture into your skin, and adding ceramides into your skincare routine can help boost the skin's elasticity too, adding to healthier-looking skin.

One shopper commented on how amazing the cream's results are: "I have never ever had acne ever, and I'm 49 years old. With wearing a mask and starting menopause, I have started breaking out in the creases of my lips and chin area. I started using this tea tree oil cream. OMG, it's amazing within days of using it twice a day, I noticed a huge difference in my face!" (

The tea tree oil-infused cream is a "zit zapper," according to another reviewer. They explain that they have tried everything for their acne from special gels to Korean snail gel cream, and nothing has worked until this cream. "This is one of the only products that actually heals my acne overnight," they added.

A final happy customer wrote that the cream offers "amazingly soft skin and acne clearing in record time." They explained: "I had this one breakout recently, and it was huge and deep into my face. It looked so awful. I wouldn't leave the house. I've been using this tea tree product for two days, and I can't believe the difference in just two short days! It's clearing up so beautifully."

A proven-to-clear acne moisturizer with rave reviews for just $10? No need to wait any longer to try it out. Head to Amazon now to add the Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Cream to your skincare lineup.

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