Makeup That Works Best with Glasses

Q: I just started wearing glasses. Do I need to change my makeup?

A: You may. "Lenses emphasize your eye makeup and any accompanying caking, clumping, or creasing," says New York makeup artist Jenna Menard. Follow these guidelines to achieve a soft, subtle effect:

Choose cream-based shadows. They have a smooth finish and help camouflage any imperfections your glasses may make more obvious. Stick with makeup that complements your specs, like neutral shades for bold frames.

Apply light-colored liner. Your glasses naturally create hard lines around your eyes--doing the same with your liner will look severe. Try lining your lids with a subdued chocolate brown instead of harsh black. Best bets: Prestige Soft Blend eyeliner in Chamomile ($5) and Almay Intense I-Color eyeliner in Brown Topaz ($7; both at drugstores).

Opt for water-resistant mascara. Lenses can get steamy, which might lead to a mascara meltdown. Check out Rimmel Eye Magnifier ($7; at drugstores), which has an anti-humidity complex.

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