This more-affordable boar bristle brush will help you achieve the soft and shiny locks you’ve always dreamed of having.

By Megan Falk
May 24, 2020
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Raincry Boar bristle brush
Credit: Dermstore/Erlon Silva - TRI Digital/Getty

In the world of boar bristle brushes, the Mason Pearson brush can be considered the Rolls Royce. Just like the car, this luxury tool is carefully handcrafted in England and assembled only with the finest materials for long-lasting use. And while everyone ~dreams~ of driving down the highway with grandeur or detangling their locks with an esteemed brush, the exorbitant price tags often keep those pipe dreams out of reach.

That’s where, say, a Land Rover—and, more importantly, this Mason Pearson brush dupe—come in.

The Raincry Pure Boar Bristle Brush (Buy It, $85, is an industry newcomer, but it's economically priced (vs. the $300+ for a Mason Pearson) and offers many of the same benefits as its high-class cousin—making it a favorite of Kerry Yates, a trichologist (specialist in hair and scalp) and founder of Colour Collective.

ICYMI, a boar bristle brush is made from the fur of a wild boar that lives in India and China, so it wouldn't be considered a vegan product. The fur is often sourced as a by-product from the meat industry, though some companies (including Mason Pearson) also collect fur in the wild boar's natural habitat, where they scratch their backs against trees and rocks and shed fur in the process. This type of down-and-dirty sourcing, along with hand assembly, can jack up the prices of some boar bristle brushes. 

And those aforementioned benefits? They run aplenty—and make these brushes worth the legwork. One-hundred-percent boar bristle brushes like the Raincry help distribute your scalp’s oils from the roots down to the shaft and ends, which improves hair condition and enhances shine across all hair types, says Yates. And thanks to those smooth and pliable bristles, the brushes create very little friction against the hair cuticle, reducing the risk of breakage and fraying while detangling any stubborn knots, she adds. (Related: What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment, Anyway?)

Aside from the hair health perks, the Raincry and other boar bristle brushes are ideal for styling straight, wavy, and curly locks. The natural bristles won’t melt under the high heat of the blow dryer like other synthetic brushes, and since each cluster of bristles is tightly packed together, the brush is able to gently pull the hair taut while you blow dry, creating a long-lasting smooth and silky look, says Yates. When the bristles are tightly packed and cut short, a boar bristle brush also functions as a hair teasing tool, so you can achieve high volume without damage, she says. 

If the idea of incorporating a boar bristle brush into your hair care routine sounds intimidating, don’t fret. You don’t need to learn any out-of-the-box brushing techniques to get the most out of daily use. But there is a trick you can use to massage your scalp and, when done daily, you should see an improvement in hair shine and condition within two weeks, according to Yates. Instead of only focusing on the hair shaft and smoothing out a few roots as you'd do during a quick brush, take the time to brush from roots to ends with a light pressure across the entire head with every single stroke. 

Ready to get the soft, smooth, and shiny locks you’ve been longing for without spending the whopping $335 it costs for the same-sized 100% boar bristle brush from Mason Pearson (Buy It, Shop the Raincry Pure Boar Bristle Brush below.

Raincry Travel Boar Bristle Brush
Raincry Boar Bristle Brush
Credit: Dermstore