The Insta-famous trainer and pro motorcycle racer share a love of makeup.
Massy Arias Cover Girl Campaign
Photo: CoverGirl

When choosing influencers to work with, CoverGirl has made a point of not just cycling through famous actresses. The beauty brand has partnered with beauty YouTuber James Charles, celeb chef Ayesha Curry, and DJs Olivia and Miriam Nervo for campaigns. Up next: Pro motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda and fitstagrammer Massy Arias (@MankoFit).

Arias is an insanely fit trainer with a massive fan base-and a sincere love of makeup. (She's on our list of Women Who Prove Being Strong Is Sexy.) "There's a stigma around wearing makeup at the gym," she said in a press release. "But there are times I proudly rock a full face, especially when I'm filming and want that extra dose of confidence before putting myself out there in front of millions of people." (Related: Makeup That Stands Up to Your Sweatiest Workouts)

Shelina Moreda
Photo: CoverGirl

Moreda is a professional motorcycle racer who has been making history in a male-dominated profession. She was the first woman to race an electric bike at the international level. Like Arias, Moreda likes to wear makeup on the job. "Makeup is something I've always enjoyed, and it's something that sets me apart when I'm on the racetrack," Moreda said in the release. "The only thing you can see are my eyes peering out of the helmet, so that's the part I especially love to play up."

We hope to see similar empowering athletes rock beauty campaigns in the future. We are so here for it.