Shoppers Say This After-Sun Lotion Is 'Magic' for Sunburned Skin — and Even Makes Your Tan Last Longer

The $15 pick uses a potent combo of aloe vera and shea butter to treat skin — and it’s already earned 1,000 positive ratings.

Basic sun protection has become second nature to many, but sunburns can still happen. It's all too common that people forget to reapply sunscreen or check the expiration date on an old tube — and the end result is hot, red-tinted skin. Not only are sunburns downright painful, but they have associated risks like skin cancer and sun poisoning. It's the less sunny side of summer, and the reason why Amazon shoppers like to stay stocked up on Maui Island Secret After-Sun Tan Sealer, (Buy It, $15,

Already trusted by more than 1,000 people, the popular after-sun lotion does double duty as both a relief product for sunburns and a powerful moisturizer. It's helped reviewers transform sunburns into tans, avoid post-burn peeling, and extend their golden glows for up to three months. While some some people call it magic — or rather an "island secret" — the power of the lotion comes from its potent formula.

The primary ingredient is aloe vera, a succulent with high water content that reduces redness, fights inflammation, and promotes healing. Synonymous with sunburn relief, it also has a cooling effect, which as one shopper describes, immediately removes the "hot sting" from sunburned skin. (BTW here's the first thing you should do if you get sunburned).

Other key additions include moisturizing shea butter and sunflower oil, vitamin A, and vitamin E. While these may not be as common as aloe vera post-sun, they're equally important. "Sun exposure, even without a sunburn, can harm the skin's moisture barrier," board-certified dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D., previously told Shape.

A moisturizer, like the Maui Island Secret After-Sun Tan Sealer, is the best way to counteract that damage — and it also boasts other benefits. An article published in the International Journal of Research In Pharmacy and Chemistry suggests applying moisturizer to burns can also help minimize peeling. (Avoid sunburns altogether with the best sunscreen for dark skin tones.)

Along with all these benefits, one shopper says it "could very well be the best-smelling product ever" thanks to its tropical coconut and pineapple scent. Plus, the lightweight and fast-absorbing formula is also ideal for everyday use with reviewers raving that it's one of the rare lotions that doesn't make them break out or irritate their eczema.

Best of all — or worst of all depending on how you look at it — you won't have to take a trip to Maui to snag this lotion. Amazon Prime will deliver the $15 lotion to your door in just two days. How's that for Aloha?

maui island secret after tan sealer

Buy It: Maui Island Secret After-Sun Tan Sealer, $15,

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